Monday, August 31, 2009

Baking Bienenstich

Last week I had a great time baking with my friend Elaine. She's one of the best cooks/bakers I know, and she showed me how to make a traditional German cake called Bienenstich. Of course, since she's so amazing, she had her own version of the cake that seemed to work better than the original, so we tried that one.

I got to learn how her kitchen machine worked too. Seriously, if you are looking to spend some money and buy ONE kitchen appliance that will do everything, you must save up for this one! You won't be disappointed.
Anyway, in true German fashion, all of the measurements are by weight, not volume. I love this idea. I have a kitchen scale that I use every once in a while, but the kitchen machine has a built in scale that you can tare as you add ingredients. Brilliant.

Here's the cake, ready to go into the oven.
And the baked version.

While we baked, the kids played. Elaine has two girls the same ages as Rowan and Bria, and they get along really well most of the time. Rowan and Jana (pronounced 'Yana', not with a hard J) dressed up as a Prince and Princess and danced for a few minutes. SO CUTE!!!
We made some extra pudding to enjoy while the cake cooled. Here I am enjoying yummy homemade vanilla pudding with the kids!
The cake turned out super yummy, except for the fact that the filling squished out of mine ;) One excellent tip that Elaine shared with me was to cut the cake before filling it. That way, especially when you have a cake that is heavier and harder to cut, the filling doesn't all squish out when you press with the knife. I've also heard of people freezing the cake before cutting, for the same reason. Either way, it really helps. My problem was just that the filling was a little bit runny when I filled the cake. I should have left it in the fridge a little longer.

And I don't even have a final picture to show you! So just imagine... it looked somewhat like this:


Elaine said...

You spend a lot of time on that post! That was a great morning together!
And it is Bienenstich not Beinenstich, but ether way it tastes the same. ;-)

Dayna said...

:) beinen und bienen have slightly different meanings... but oh, what a yummy cake! i seriously just ate a piece yesterday!

Stacey said...

Oops!! I'm going to fix it. I wasn't paying attention when I typed that. I know the rules of ei and ie!!

The Pauls' Family said...

ie or ei......all seems the same to me :) Of course I am rather illiterate that way :( But this post reminded me that we need to make this recipe again soon. Haven't made it for a really long time. Thanks for the yummy reminder Stacey!

By the way, what is the machine called in the picture. I have never seen one like that.

bria erskine said...

Nice to 'meet' you too Stacey! You've got yourself a very cute blog here :) I've only ever met one other Bria, but once in awhile someone will say they've known someone else with the name, although it is still few and far between. The Bria that I met was given the name after they had met me at my brothers church. I get tons of comments on the name, not that I can take the credit for it. Haha.
Thanks for connecting and take care.

Travis, Rosey and Zipporah said...

although your cake looks super yummy, I want to request a post about a different topic. I know you are passionate about baby carrying, and you do presentations about the benefits of it, I would like to read the kinds of things you present at your presentations. I used a homemade Moby Wrap a lot with my first baby,and with the second on the way I would actually like to hear what you have to say about it.

Dianna said...

you need to post the recipe of the cake I would like to try it. I myself specialize in cooking and baking and make all my food for my family. Sometimes food for 78 ppl at once and I would def. like to give this a try. said...

I too would love to know what kind of machine this is?

Stacey said...

The machine is called a Vorwerk. If you google it, you can find some more information.

As for the recipe, it's actually three different ones put together, and it is Elaine's recipe. I would have to ask her if she would post it :)