Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Midwife Appt. No. 2 ~ 11.4 weeks

~I look grumpy in that picture, but I really wasn't :) Just trying not to smile because my smile looks goofy to me ~

So yesterday was my second appointment with J. I think it went really well. I felt pretty relaxed, which was a huge answer to prayer. After miscarrying last time at 11 weeks, I was so so nervous about today. The weird part was that even though she couldn't find the heartbeat yet (too early) I wasn't upset about it. I'm OK. I really thought I'd start bawling my eyes out. The good thing was that she could hear the placenta pumping away, so that was reassuring.

We talked a bit about blood tests, where I want to give birth, looked at my previous birth records (that was fun!) and just had a good time chatting.

I love it that I get more control over things this time. Not that I would blindly make decisions, but when she asked me if I wanted to be tested for HIV, and numerous other STDs, I was like... um NO!!! There really wouldn't be a point in taking an extra vial of blood just for that.

Of course, I told her that I will be giving birth at the hospital (that was just for you Keith :). She said maybe we'd have a chat yet... hehe :)

Dare I be brave and post my pregnancy weight gain on my blog? I think I will. I'll post it in my sidebar. Maybe it will help keep me accountable to making healthy food choices. So, my first appointment I was 151 pounds. A bit more than I hoped to be at that point, but oh well :) I can't say I worked very hard to lose weight before hand. Today my weight was 154. 3 pounds in 4 weeks isn't so bad. I think I can handle that. This is pretty much where I started out with Rowan too, so I can't complain.

I'm Looking forward to next month even more now. I can't wait to hear the little heartbeat. I just can't wait :)


Stam House said...

Stacey you look amazing!!!!!

and hopefully you'll be able to feel the baby move soon that would be so nice!!!!

thanks for the update!

Jobina said...

what a nice little baby bump you have! Glad you had a great appointment!

Ellen said...

YAY!! I'm so glad for you that you are feeling positive! I bet you cant wait until next month.. to hear that little heart beating :) I was just going to mention that I feel it's not a bad thing to get tested for HIV and other STD's just for the fact that there are other ways that you can contract them from other people (without even knowing) I know the chances are slim, but that way you know. (I have a friend whose adopted daughter is HIV+ and they've come over to play before, I know you can't 'catch' HIV but sometimes when you're not watching for open sores or cuts there can always be a slight chance)

Shanilie said...

That is exciting. I would have loved to have a midwife and have my babies at home if I hadnt needed a c-section. Being in the hospital is so uncomfortable and noisy. My sister in law had 4 babies. Her last she had at home and she said it was just her and her hubby and was such a great experienc and they were very glad they did it. They felt confident that since the first three births went smoothly they figured they could do it on their own - food for thought for keith ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree she looks good! Just thought I would "defend" myself here.... :)

I would be more than willing to have a little "chat"! I can't understand why people would choose to deliver a baby at home. That's how they did it back in the 1800's. What was the survival rate then? Yes, if you have a smooth delivery it could be ok. BUT, we make such a big deal about safety now days ( carseats, etc ) why would we risk having a baby at home?

Besides, at the hospital you get the bed that you can adjust, you get food brought to you, everything is monitored, you have instant access to the best medical care in the world.

Just some more food for thought in case anyone is hungry!


Drea said...

awe look at that cute lil bump! u look great.
I think its fun keeping track of the weight.. sometimes :)
other times it makes me to anal when I do that.. so im refusing to weigh myself until my next apt...
which will be the end of the month. With Taite i weighed myself once a week at home.. i was way to anal..

I want a midwife this time. At the practice im at you have to go through seeing all the OBGYN's 1st tho.. theres a ton. I guess because on the day of the birth you cant PICK who you get.. it just depends on who is working. So even tho I want a mid wife im not sure ill get one. We will see.
So far all the obgyns are fine tho. All females so far :) But I did have a male ob that i really liked when pregnant with caleb.

I think here you can opt out for the std test.. i may be wrong tho.. cant remember.

Drea said...

LOL i just read keiths comment :)
I am all for hospital births. I REALLY LIKED my birth with Taite. The hospital was brand new.. just beautiful and the nurses were all great and the room, GORJ! and the food was so yummy!! we had room service :) teehee.
Grant it all hospitals in the US arent like that.. but it sure was nice.

But more so I really enjoyed the help. If i had my baby at home id have to many other concerns. Laundry, the messy tiny kitchen, the boys, etc... and I think it be a very difficult transition. I love my boys but when I birth a 3rd baby I want time alone with that baby without the responsibility of other children around. Thats just me tho.

I also liked the adjustable bed LOL

Stacey said...

Hey Keith, just remember that you have no idea how uncomfortable those 'adjustable beds' are. Really nasty.

I'm all for the other conveniences though. I could really do without being woken up every hour for one thing or another, or the lady screaming in the next room :)

S Club Mama said...

really? are you really tall? I would have guessed 120, no joke! I think my view on women's weight is screwed up...I've been way off when I've found out people's weights. you look awesome! I love your tiny little bump!!

I'm so glad things went well today! You're still in my prayers, though! can hear the placenta pumping? hmmm neat lol

Wenona said...

Aww, cute little bump you have! And that's so awesome that she could hear the placenta pumping away - those sounds are so reassuring, even if you couldn't hear the little heartbeat yet.
I'm so glad that you are having a positive experience so far with a midwife!

Drea said...

I was telling Travis the same thing abt weight. I would of never guessed you at 150. 130 max. I have no clue tho. Height and bone density plays into things so much. My friend Kelley in Ohio was super in shape... in fact she works for a fitness company now. When I was 9 mo pregnant with Taite I weighed around 134 lbs.. I told her this and she told me she weighs more than that at her NORMAL weight. She also though was like 3 inches TALLER than me or more... and inches adds a lot of weight oddly enough :)

You def were much taller than me :) I think u should post that photo showing your height compared to another blogger HEHE. Cause u really are tall, i think. Keiths tall 2.

Jamy said...

Ooo, look at that little bump. So exciting.

Dianna said...

go read my blog as we need your prayers right now

Shanilie said...
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Shanilie said...

haha keith, I completely understand. The survival rate of women then was very low. I definitely wouldn't suggest putting Stacey or the lil one in harms way - you never know what complications can arise from childbirth. I know I wouldn't be here without modern medicine. I just thought it was neat talking to my sister in law and had no idea she had a home birth. It was the first person I have known who has tried it at home and wanted to share her experience. Now I know what Stacey was referring to when she mentioned you weren't too struck on the idea and that she told the midwife that it would be def. at the hospita. I thought the midwife's comment was ammusing :)