Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Dress and teething issues

So here's the dress that I will be wearing to my sister in law's wedding. I'm thinking red heels and accessories to go with it... what do you think?
And teething, oh teething. Bria is working on her molars, and it's not pretty! She's OK during the day, but wakes about 5 times each night, crying. I'm getting a little worn out :) I know, it's all good prep for having a newborn again, but honestly, even my newborns didn't wake that many times each night!

We've been trying teething tablets, to no avail. Usually they do the trick, but this must be some hardcore teething! Any advice?


Stam House said...

LOVE Love love the dress and you look amazing on that picture!!!!!

Teething, well the only thing that help us was having Sarah or Rebekah in bed at night with us. They sleep better and so did we !!!!

Laura said...

i like the dress too. :) Red heels sounds like a great idea.

Teething is no fun! Does Motrin help? You can get 8 hour stuff and I find it helps through the nights that Jaxon is teething.

Also, you can get a cool molar teether like this: that might help. Hope it gets better soon! :)

Jobina said...

I don't remember how to help teething except to give them pain killers...oh, and sometimes we would use something called "teething tabs" from the health food store. They help with the pain and the drooling!

The dress rocks!

S Club Mama said...

Love the dress...heels? Brave! LOL I could never wear heels when I was pregnant. :)

I don't have any teething tips; Tristan's been so easy when it comes to that. We never used the tablets; our doctor said the ingredients used to be used as a drug, like smoked. :S We only used Tylenol & Baby Orajel. And 5 times a night? Poor mommy!

Andrea said...

Yeah...actually...the tablets do nothing for my kids compared to a liquid teething remedy I found! It's homeopathic too and we get ours at Walmart - the brand name is Boiron and it's in a little white and blue box and is a natural liquid teething remedy...that stuff works WONDERS for Emily - way better than the teething tablets ever worked. Good luck! Oh, and you look great by the way! :)

Jamy said...

Great dress. Red high heels will complete it perfectly.

Do you use anbesol? And tylenol. Caden had no problem with the molars, it was the eye teeth that were the trouble.
Good luck

Ellen said...

I love the dress - you should get a beaded necklace (with large white beads) to finish it off :)

Anonymous said...

That dress looks really good on you! Red heels and some accessories sound like a great idea!

Susanna said...

The dress looks gorgeous!Make sure to post a picture of the finished product when you go to the wedding!

Nell said...

Beautiful dress. You look amazing.