Tuesday, September 22, 2009

H1N1.... If you're Canadian, make sure you read this! *Updated

Today I went to my Mom's group, hoping to have a good time, maybe meet some new people, and learn something new. I was very happy to hear that we had a Public Health Nurse there to talk about H1N1.

Now, first of all, my kids are fully vaccinated, but I've also done my research. So that might give you a little background on where I'm coming from. However, I was totally terrified of the H1N1 vaccine. I've read all the articles, heard the bad stories, just like everyone else. However, I wanted to make sure that what I was hearing was the truth. And I'm so glad I did!

For all my Canadian readers, this is for you. Because I love you :) Canadian vaccines are not made in the same place as US vaccines. They are actually a lot different. Canadian vaccines (and this means ALL Canadian vaccines) do NOT include any mercury. They have very strict regulations, and are very closely monitored. So, if you were like me, and read all the hype coming out of the US, you are probably avoiding the vaccine. BUT, after getting all the information, asking my questions, and getting informed answers, I'm thinking I will be in line for the vaccine.

Another thing to note... if you are pregnant, or think you might be pregnant, there is a special H1N1 virus just for you (and me). It excludes some additives that are not safe for pregnant women. So make SURE that if/when you go to get your vaccination, you let the nurse know about your pregnancy. Very important!

I have a whole bunch of information on the vaccine, but please do your research, and talk to your Doctor or Nurse. Don't rely on hearsay, or online articles. They just aren't reliable, and certainly not medical studies.

So my brother informed me that there is indeed mercury in the vaccine. WHAT?? I'll be giving Public Health a call today. And I'm going to ask if there is a mercury free version of the vaccine. I know I've heard it is possible if you ask, for some vaccines. Either way, Public Health needs to know they are giving out false information!


A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Wow, Stacy, this is awesome to hear....I just recently had a pretty heated discussion with someone who is pro-nonvaccinations and I knew my info was well researched, etc and he demanded that I was wrong and that I was hurting my children by immunizing....so happy to hear your words of encouragement. Thanks:) BTW, my kids are fully vaccinated after I too was fearful after hearing all the hype from the US...

S Club Mama said...

I asked our nurse about it last Friday for the kids and myself even. They said they don't even know if our clinic will get the vaccine but pregnant ladies are first in line, so we probably don't even have to worry about whether to vaccinate with H1N1 or not. Plus she said that she feels it wasn't tested as much as it should be so she wouldn't get one.

Of course this is Nebraska, not Canada ;)

Lindsey Dueck said...

YAY Stacey! I am so glad to hear your kids are fully vaccinated! It scares me to hear of people that do no vaccinate their children. It's like they have forgotten about all the diseases these vaccines have eradicated! It would be pretty bad if they started coming back!

Stam House said...

Thanks for sharing :-)

Warren said...

Hey Stacey
I was doing a little reading myself today (at work we're trying to prepare somewhat just in case) and came across the following information on Health Canada's site:

"As a multi-dose vaccine, the H1N1 influenza vaccine will contain a mercury-based preservative called thimerosal to prevent contamination of the vaccine by serious infectious agents from the growth of bacteria.  Thimerosal also has a stabilizing effect on the vaccine, ensuring its effectiveness. 
The seasonal flu vaccine and most hepatitis B vaccines are also multi-dose vaccines and thimerosal is added during the manufacturing process to maintain sterility of the vaccine.
There is no safety reason to avoid using vaccines containing thimerosal.  The best available scientific evidence to date shows no link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and any adverse health condition, including neurodevelopmental disorders like autism.
The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) has reviewed the safety of thimerosal and concluded that: “There is no legitimate safety reason to avoid the use of thimerosal-containing products for children or older individuals, including pregnant women.”

Anonymous said...

I'm in Oregon and I was just told by my Midwife that the vaccine they were getting in would not have any mercury in it, at all. She even gave me a flier discussing it and it also mentioned no mercury. She said it was developed the same way any flu vaccine is developed just with the different strand of flu virus, so it had already had appropriate testing.She did strongly, strongly urge all pregnant women to get it as they already had two of their patients in the ICU due to the virus. Just thought I'd share some news from the states. Thank you for your post.

Shanilie said...

I am definitely considering getting this vaccination. Just because with my asthma my lungs are so vulnerable when I get sick. :S Great post. It is good to get all the information especially seeing as it does contain different ingredients from country to country.

Andrea said...

Hey...one last comment on this one! I meant to comment earlier but forgot. :) Obviously you know that me and you have different opinions on vaccines, but a friend of mine here in town - who vaccinates fully - talked to 2 nurses (one was a public health nurse) about the vaccine and both of them said that the vaccine has not been tested well, and that they would never get it or recommend getting it...at least until it was fully tested and they were sure that it contained no harmful products (like the Mercury that Warren mentioned). Anyways, just thought I'd mention that even people in the public health/nurse/doctor field in Canada have different opinions on it...just because someone says it's safe doesn't mean it is...or just because someone says it isn't safe doesn't mean it isn't either. Guess we really have to just do our own reasearch sometimes!!

DavenHeather said...

I just saw this too. I agree we all have our own choices to make but I for one think that vaccines should be tested for a LONG time! This H1N1 is barely tested at all.. that too me is scary.
And I am with Warren I have done extensive research and whoever is telling you there is no mercury is mistaken.. not to mention the other horrible things they put in vaccines.

Dianna said...
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Anna Gilo said...

Hey I'm not sure if you're Canadian or not, but an FYI for those that are Canadian, there is a big reason as to why Canadian doctors push the flu vaccine here in Canada, they get a kick back from the government per patient!!!

I doubt most would admit to it, but they do!!!
My girls won't be getting the H1N1 for some time, there are too many what if's for me to feel 100% comfortable~

Warren said...

Anna Gilo - that's such a lame reason not to protect your kids! So what if they get a kickback or commission - does that mean you never buy stuff from people who earn commission? Heaven forbid that people make money doing their jobs!

Stam House said...

One of my friend had her son vaccinated at 2 years and was a normal little boy, got sick after the shots and you guess it! he is now diagnose with autism, and yes it was Canadian vaccine, and with mercury in it!!!!

She did not vaccinate her younger daughter and she has never being sick (compare to her brother who was sick after each shots) So she swear that the shots were the problem for her son!

But I know each kid, each family are different.

Harry and all of his 11 sibling are not vaccinated (a few of them even went on mission trip overseas - Africa, China...) and are all in excellent health.

I'm was a nurse (before being a mother) and I do not vaccinate our children because I personally think that their is money issue that does affect the medical industry (We haven't gone to doctor with the girl yet,we will wait until they are sick)

But that is my opinion and yes I know a lot about medical stuff and I do make decision according to my research but I always read all the info with a critical eyes, their is lots of good info out there but also some pretty bad one too!

As for the public health, they will give you the info that they have been given, and I'\m sure that they do not want to mislead people but I know that the truth is sometimes hidden from them or other med staff people but somebody higher then them, Make any sense?

Wenona said...

I was just talking to someone about this vaccine the other day. Her brother is a doctor in Toronto in one of the top 5 hospitals in Canada. There are hardly any doctors that are promoting this vaccine because people are getting very sick from it. I am so nervous about any vaccines.

Anonymous said...

I will never get vacinated for any virus.
In case you guys didn't hear the news last week, everybody who got the shot for the H1N1 flu last year, have double the chance to get the flu this year. Its all politics people, they want our money. i am paying enough taxed already, why should i support such a load on nonsense?