Monday, September 21, 2009

Trade Show Update

So Saturday I drove about an hour to get to the Trade Show. My Mom volunteered last minute to join me. I was soooo thankful for that! In the end, I think I would have been OK alone, but my Mom is much better at arranging the table, and I was glad to have her creativity :)

While the sale wasn't a total flop, I only made enough to cover my costs of being there. At least I didn't lose out! I'm glad I went, simply for the experience. I also had a great time chatting with my neighbor. She had her 6 week old daughter with her, so of course we naturally chatted about baby stuff. Turns out she's a baby wearer, and uses cloth diapers! She actually was my biggest sale too :)
I think I will try to do more trade shows in the future. This one was a new one, which may account for the fact that there wasn't a huge flow of traffic through the building.


S Club Mama said...

what an entrepreneur you are! That's awesome. I'm hoping that when things calm down, I can start doing work with a baby signing company I'm interested in.

Ellen said...

YAY!! That's awesome, I think you did well - and after the first one it becomes easier! Even if you didn't have a lot of sales, getting your name out there can mean a lot too.. networking!! you never know who will call at a later date :)

Kenzie Prudhomme said...

I know it is kind of a far drive but you should try out the Y Neighbours sales.

Susanna said...

What a great way to enhance your business and make others aware of what you are doing! It sounds like it was successfull, keep it up!

Nell said...

Look at you with your own table. How exciting.