Monday, October 05, 2009


That's how I feel today. I've been missing from this blog for a long time anyway, and though I have so much I could say, the words just don't seem to flow.

I'm really tired these days. I thought I was over that, being in the second trimester, but apparently not! I am very excited though, that I'm almost halfway through this pregnancy! All the little milestones are so exciting, and the weeks really are flying by. I promise I'll give you a great belly picture this Friday, when I will be officially halfway there!

Life has been full of cleaning, canning, more cleaning, and more dishes. Seriously I feel like I'm on my feet, in my kitchen, for most of the time. It's never ending. I still have tons of tomatoes, peppers, and carrots to deal with. Sigh. It will get done!

And my kids. They are both growing up so fast, it's crazy! Rowan has started asking a million questions about everything, and I'm trying to take the time to give him real answers, instead of brushing him off. He wants to learn, and I feel like I should be there with the answers. He's such a good big brother most of the time. I mean, all kids fight at times, so it's no big shock :) He races around the house with Bria, sharing his cars with her, and 'reading' stories to her. This morning they played play dough together with no fights! I was impressed for sure.

Bria is also growing up. She's talking a lot more, though some days I have NO IDEA what she's saying! She mumbles a lot, but she is trying, which is really neat. She loves books right now, and would bring me book after book, all day.

Bria has been saying she has a baby in her tummy for a while now, and then the other day I asked her how her baby was doing, and she said that it came out! We had this freebie weekend a few weeks ago, where you could leave your items by the road and people could come take what they wanted. Someone left this hideous doll on our yard, and Bria fell in love with it. It only has one arm. She calls it her baby Bumblebee. She drags it around the house. What a girl :)

In other news, we're shopping for a van (again). It's actually really frustrating. We found a van we like (2003 Odyssey) but the price isn't right. We've taken a few other vans for a drive (Chevys and Pontiacs) and neither of them impressed us at all. They just feel cheap and plasticy. I think our standards are just going to have to come down. It's so hard to give up a vehicle you love for something that just doesn't quite make the cut!

Anyway, if you have van advice, I'd love to hear it :) I'd like to just get this over with.


sheila said...

I really enjoy our Grand Caravan. As we speak my van is at the autobody shop and our "loaner" van is a Windstar. No offence to you windstar owners out there, however, at least the one we're driving for the next few days feels "plasticy" as you put it, and it has a "hard, rough" drive to it.
I find our van very comfortable, with a few nice options. Our's is an '03, however the 05's and up have the stow and go seating which is a very nice feature. Something worth checking out.
Anyways, while I'm here, can you please bring a salad to the gathering on the 18th? Thanks.

Travis, Rosey and Zipporah said...

my little girl thinks she has a baby in her tummy too. The other day she was putting food on her tummy to feed her baby.

Stacey said...

We have been wanting to take a Caravan for a test drive, but so far it hasn't worked out. Hopefully soon!

I'd love to bring a salad.

Girls are so.... girly!!

Angela said...

Don't give up on the Odyssey! We are driving #2 and i would't want to drive anything else. Have you looked at US dealerships. Ours is from Minnesota.

S Club Mama said...

We have a Town & Country & they're pretty nice. ours has a lot (a lot) of miles on it, though.

and I don't understand half of what Tristan says either. Are they close in age?

Hope you get some energy back soon.

Dallas and Tara said...

we have an odyssey, we really like it. The feature where the backseat folds into the floor is the best! and plus when the backseat's up you've got that extra room behind it. now...I forget what year it is :-) 2002-2004, somewhere in there.

Anonymous said...

no make/model advice, just letting you know how much we LOVE having 2 sliding doors when we're toting the whole family around...... makes for much faster entering/exiting.....

Mark said...

Hey Stacey,
I second the idea of staying with the Honda. Reliability and resale value will easily make up for the "premium" you pay for the Odyssey. You will pay now or pay later - that's my opinion anyway. Plus, you'll get the van that you really want and enjoy. When we upgrade from our venerable 98 Sienna (also a good van), we will most likely get an Odyssey as well. don't give up!

Steph and Mitch T said...

I know what you mean about feeling tired even in the 2nd trimester--my last pg was like that. As for van shopping...whew...btdt. My best advice is to keep praying, always trusting God to provide exactly what you need. We've made the mistake a couple times of paying more than we had set out to pay just to have features we were *sure* we needed. When we have trusted God to provide, really trusted, we have ended up with vehicles that cost us much less--both initially and to maintain. It's good to keep shopping and be patient. You will know when you have found the right deal--{hopefully} you will feel a "peace" about it. :) At least that's my experience. Right now we are driving a Suburban. It is not what I ever expected to be driving. It's not super convenient for getting kids in/out and it has high miles (and we haven't even calculated gas mileage, lol). It is the BEST vehicle we could ever have gotten. We don't all fit in it anymore, but now we are patiently praying for our next vehicle and in the meantime we are content to drive two vehicles if we all have to go somewhere. It's so freeing to just trust God. :)

Jamy said...

Rob has a really nice van he'd sell you. I drove it until today, when I switched for a different one. Its a really nice solid van. I really liked it.

Micki said...

You have a lot going on, no wonder you're tired! And your kids are beautiful, they're getting so big.

We have a 2004 Mazda MPV and I really like it. It works great for right now, fits four car/booster seats well and I love that the backseat flips down into the floor easily so we have extra toting room from time to time.

Good luck!