Monday, November 09, 2009

Sickies and Milestones

Here's Bria. She looks pretty happy, doesn't she? She tends to be a pretty happy little girl, no matter how bad she feels, but the last few days have been pretty rough for her. Saturday night especially, she had a high fever and a nasty cough. We made the decision to keep her home from Sunday School (even though she really does love it). I'm one of those parents that gets really annoyed when people bring their sick kids to church. Yes, it's church, you want to be there, visit with friends, etc. But at the sake of all the people you are going to be in contact with, it's just not worth it! Keep the germies at home.

Here's Rowan. He's very proud because he has reached a very big milestone in his life. It may not seem that important to some, but in our house, it's means for a celebration! Rowan has gone over a week now with a dry night pull up! Yup, he is over 4, I get that, but he sleeps like a brick. Nothing phases him. All of a sudden, he started waking up dry, and even waking up to go to the bathroom during the night! I can't believe it. I honestly thought we were in for at least another year of pull ups. Which is why I bought 2 packages of Under Jams just the night before Rowan was dry. Yup. So now I have two lovely packages of Under Jams (not cheap, by the way) that will sit there until Bria needs them! Or maybe this next little one, I don't know.

Still not brave enough to go without a pull up, but I think in another week, we'll give it a shot. I'm so proud of my big boy, and tonight we go to pick out a car as a prize for his accomplishment. He's so excited!


S Club Mama said...

that's huge! I can't wait to start potty training at all.

Stam House said...

Good Job!!!

Nettie said...

When Justin stopped needing an overnight we also let him go pick out a toy!! It's a very exciting milestone!!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting indeed! So happy for you and for Rowan!
Hope you'll all be feeling better soon. Looking forward to a long weekend of being together and celebrating a bunch of birthdays.

Ellen said...

What an awesome milestone for Rowan. TJ still wears a pullup for bed too. I think that night-time potty training is something that happens with age and they will naturally develope and recognize the urge, and get up. Some children continue bedwetting problems until 10 or even older - so learning at 4 is fantastic!! I can't wait until Tristian gets to that point too :)

Donna said...

My guy is 5 since Aug and we are still working on this...nothing he can control, I know but I cannot wait...YEAH ROWAN.

E is half the week OK and half not, he is waking up to go a lot more than ever, I think we will be there soon!!

Micki said...

Go Rowan! That's a huge accomplishment!

I hope that you and Bria are feeling better by now and having a great weekend!