Friday, November 06, 2009

So maybe I spoke too soon

As of last night, Bria and I are both feeling pretty rotten. She started coughing/having trouble breathing around midnight, and each time I went in to help her, my throat hurt just a little bit more. I'm hoping to send Keith to the store at noon for some Sambucol to hopefully get over this a little quicker. I've heard it works really well.

Now I'm just hoping Keith doesn't get sick too. How fun, a house full of sick people. Next week we are heading over to Keith's parents house, and I'd hate to go while still feeling rotten. Here's to being healthy!


Heather said...

I guess we won't be seeing you then this morning:(

Mom said...

praying for you all

Stam House said...

Ginger tea (homemade with fresh ginger)Will help you guys out! (it's a excellent fever reducer and immume booster) And lemon and honey and you could sooth your sore throat!

Hope you all feeling better soon

Ps your symptoms does look like the common cold and flu, not the swine flu one, so plenty of rest hot drinks (bacteria hate heat, they can't survive in it that is why we do get fever it's to kill them and when we sweat we get rid on them that way)