Friday, December 18, 2009

30 down, 10 to go!

I can't believe that I'm 30 weeks already! Time is definitely flying by. Well, except for these past few days. Pregnancy wise, I feel really good for 30 weeks. I was sleeping well. Just a bit tired, but happy. Then I got this nasty head cold. It just won't go away! I had one almost completely sleepless night, and a few that were completely frustrating. You know it's bad when you can't even get the neti pot to work.

Ugh. I'm hoping I'll make it to urgent care tonight before it closes. I talked to a local Pharmacist who suggested something called Corisidin, but last night was almost as sleepless as my worst night, and I can't handle it anymore! So I went back to the Pharmacy and the Pharmacist said I should go to urgent care, and if they don't give me a prescription, to come back for Sudafed. He said at this point there is no risk to the development of the baby, but a very tiny risk of premature labor. Sigh.

Anyway, back to being 30 weeks. Baby continues to be very active, poking and squirming all throughout the day and night. It's such a reassuring feeling for me :)

I'm just nervous knowing that there are only 10 weeks left, and the nursery is still a toy room. I just want everything to be finished, so I can stop thinking about it! Otherwise, I don't have a lot left to do to prepare for this baby. A few little things to purchase, like baby lotion and shampoo, some warm socks, etc.

I'm so grateful for every day of this pregnancy. Especially thinking of Christmas, and all that it means. I think about Mary and how she must have felt, riding on a donkey while obviously ready to have a baby. Can you imagine? And then giving birth in a stable. Not exactly what we are used to! It sure makes the story feel more personal.

Speaking of Christmas... last Saturday we were invited to an ugly sweater Christmas party. What a blast! Fun games, tons of food, and great friends. Thanks to Nat & Candice for inviting us! It's still up in the air though, who really had the ugliest sweater!


Drea said...

aweee i love u in that dress, ur so pretty, ur skin looks flawless!
u make 30 look good ;-)

hope the nose issues clear up.. i feel ur pain!!! netipot, benedryl back to back at night.. thats what did it for me.. but u know that already :) its just must be ur allergic to baby right now hehe. plus the heat in the house im sure drying us out doesnt help any. hope it passes sooner than later.

Larissa Joy said...

Haha at the guy with a stocking stuck to his shirt!
Warren, I think you need to redefine your thoughts of what Ugly is.

Steph and Mitch T said...

Yay!!! You are so right--it IS wonderful and blessed to be swollen with child at Christmas and to {more easily} imagine how Mary must have felt. :)

The ugly sweater party sounds fun--true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, eh? LOL

Alyssa said...

I'm *SO* excited for a new niece/nephew! YAY! And, you do look gorgeous!

You'll have to call me up sometime, and we'll tackle that "toy" room ;-)

S Club Mama said...

Oh we did an Ugly Christmas Sweater party one year! My mom sewed jingle bells on a sweater with a Christmas tree. It was awesome! I didn't win though.

I'd love to do something like that this year.

And I know exactly how you feel about being pregnant at Christmas. That's how I feel when I'm pregnant at Christmas and then when my babies are so little at Christmas. :)

Andrea said...

30 weeks!!! You're looking always. :) And I LOVE that ugly sweater party...haha...that is awesome. Oh, and is it more like sinus problems that you're having? Or it is actually a 'cold' like with a sore throat, etc. that keeps coming back? Because I asked my Dr. about it this past week when I was in for my appt. (I've had a LOT of sinus issues in the past 1-2 months - all starting when I had a touch of a cold as well), and he said that it is related to pregnancy. Apparently you can develop sinus problems/stuffy nose, etc. from pregnancy...and the netti pot wasn't helping me either. I finally tried that Saline spray stuff that you can get at the drugstore (it's what the Dr. suggested) and it has been working a TON TON TON better. Maybe it'd help you too??

Heather said...

Too bad you don't have a picture of my sweater, it was a beauty!

Stam House said...

wow only 10 weeks left, time sure flies by sooo fast!!!! You look amazing in this picture!!! Hope you feel better soon!

Mark said...

Yay, a picture of the dress! It looks great on you! Only ten weeks, it's hard to believe. You can feel good that you are eons ahead of me in the department of getting ready for baby. I am just so not ready. Oh well, babies pretty much just need love right?? Ok, and food and shelter. But everything else is really just stuff. Even the clothes! Really they can just be swaddled in a blanket for the first bit can't they?

Niki said...

I still catch up with you on your blog every now and then...just wanted to say you're looking beautiful. 30 weeks is good on you :) Have a merry Christmas!

Ellen said...

wow, time sure has gone by fast!! I can't believe that you only have 10 weeks left (less by now) my favorite time was always between 26 and 38 weeks and then by 38 weeks I'd always start getting really excited for baby! Hope you can get all you need done, done before baby comes :) enjoy the holiday season!! I loved being pregnant at Christmas, it is a special feeling!