Monday, December 14, 2009

My New Baby Wish List

There are always things you seem to want or need when expecting a new baby, even if you have one or more children already. The basics are taken care of, but I can dream, right?

Since we don't know if we are having a boy or a girl, there are a few things on my list, excluding clothing (which we will need if we have a boy). This is meant to be a fun list, just to show you some of the neat baby things available out there.

The Woombie Baby Bag
This sleeping bag looks like a great solution for swaddling babies! Especially for squirmy babies who can Houdini their way out of any swaddle! I'd love to try this with our newborn.

Contoured Changing Pad
This is something I could have bought when Rowan was born, but never did :) We don't use a change table, because our nursery is incredibly small, and there wouldn't be room for both a dresser and a change table. So we use a long, low dresser for changing the baby. This change pad would be really nice for that extra safety feature. Slightly better than the blanket I usually have on top of the dresser!

Wooden High Chair
This is one thing that I will purchase for sure. We got what I *thought* would be a really nice high chair when Rowan was born. However, it was huge, plastic, and was not designed well at all. The table on it was so high that my kids could never feed themselves if they wanted to. It was also slightly reclined all the time, so it just didn't work well at all. I sold it last year.

At the top of the list is the Stokke chair. This chair has a weight limit of 300 pounds, which would mean that it is essentially a 'forever' chair. It can be used from infants to adults, making it much more useful than any other high chair!

I just found a sale on them too, I hope it doesn't end too soon!

Radian XT Car Seat
Car seats are an important baby item, and this time, since I have some experience with car seats after two kids, I think I know exactly what I want to get! My wonderful little sister is going to let me use her infant seat, since mine expired, and then I plan on buying the Radian XT for this baby. I shouldn't need anything else except for a booster eventually. The main reason that I LOVE Radians is that the top harness slot is nice and high, for my tall kids. Rowan is 4 years old and around 43 pounds, and he has almost outgrown the highest slot! He's now in a booster anyway, but just goes to show you that the weight limit really means nothing. This seat is rated to 65 pounds (in Canada) but there is no way Rowan would fit in it until 65 pounds!

The other reason I love Radians is the longer expiry. In general, most car seats expire after about 6 years, but Radians have a solid aluminum frame that makes them last longer, with an expiry of 9 years (I think, correct me if I'm wrong!)

So, that's my short list :) If I think of something else, I'll add it. If you think of something that you just couldn't do without, let me know! It's fun to share.


Steph and Mitch T said...

That's a great list!! The radian carseat is incredible...I don't have one personally, but I wish ALL my kids were in them. :) The high chair looks awesome too--I agree with you, our kids can hardly reach to feed themselves in the plastic one. We have a wooden "toddler" chair that pulls up to the table, but it's so fragile and wobbly that it's nearly falling apart just from toddlers sitting in it. You should hear us yell when adults stop by and think it looks like a nice place to squeeze their tooshies. :) LOL I bought a contoured changing pad similar to that one, though, and it ripped almost right away. :( I used my diaper PUL fabric to make a slip cover sleeve for it, and that has worked wonderfully. We do the same thing--we have it on a long, low dresser. If I could afford it, I would buy a cooshie changer...but mine with the slip cover is working fabulous now. :) Blessings!!

Stam House said...

Changing table I dream about having one!!! But we have a small house and very small bedroom (like our bedroom door is always open because our bed fill our room up and the end of it is blocking the door)

But the sleeping bag sound lovely and car seat are very essential!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh nice list! It could almost be mine if I were the one having a baby! ;-) hehe I'm on my 3rd highchairs and I agree, wooden ones are the best! The first one we got for free and it was bulky plastic. Then a friend was done with hers and gave it to me. I was also plastic for a little more trim. Still big though. What I always wanted was a wooden one but couldn't have afforded it. Then I found a 2nd hand one for a great price and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It does have a plastic tray, but we don't even use it anymore. The highchair is pretty much like a regular chair but slightly taller. We just pull it right up to the table and Korban eats with us. It's awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

Have the contoured change pad and love it, but it tore very quickly and needed a cover for it.

My favourite item is the Bumbo chair with the tray. Wonderful for when they can hold their heads up and want to sit up to play with toys. It also works great for when they are starting to eat solids.

My other favourite is the collapsible high chair that is so easy to take with you anywhere you go.

3 for Me! said...

I have a contoured changing pad and love it... it's soo nice just using a dresser and not having an extra piece of furniture in the room!

I also have a couple covers for it that I got at Target or someone could make them for you. I had really messy babies... LOL! So I liked the covers b/c I could quickly throw on a different cover and the pad was clean again! Without the pad I found pee-pee got all over their clothes above their little waist:) And the covers were a really soft fabric... not as sticky as plastic can feel!

I think I need a new carseat as well... I'm still looking into my options. It would be nice just to have ONE seat that could grow with baby and replace some of the worn out seats I used with the other kids. But then I am giving up having an infant carrier... which could be tough although I have a nice variety of babywearing carriers now that could get plenty of use.

And that Stokke chair is NICE... but I am totally DREAMING there:)

Julie said...

Go for the Stokke chair - especially if you found a sale! :) We have 2 and absolutely love them. And, you're right, the weight limit means it is a forever chair. Our oldest is 4, and can't reach the floor yet in a regular kitchen chair, and doesn't want to sit in a booster seat etc etc, but the Stokke chair works perfectly for him! Just adjust the seat and foot rest every now and then, and make a big deal about how much he's grown! :) Contoured change mat is wonderful too, and do get some covers...ours are made from terry cloth, nice for washing, just in with the regular towel load. Great list!