Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nourishing Traditions

We are home now, after a great few days with Keith's family! We drove out to their house on the 25th, in what seemed like a pretty nasty snow storm. At least at home :) Once we got to/past Winnipeg, it was totally smooth sailing. Surprisingly, our area has a lot more snow right now that north of Winnipeg. Usually it's quite the opposite.

Anyway, we had a very full weekend, with family gatherings, food, and fun. On the 25th we celebrated with Keith's family. The kids had a blast :) And I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken/black bean burritos, though I had trouble fitting even one into my shrinking stomach! Babies seriously take up a lot of room!

One of the gifts that I received was a book that I have been hoping to read for a while now. It's called Nourishing Traditions, and I hope to share more with you about that later. I'm finding it very fascinating so far.

On the 26th, we spent the day with the Brandt family, at a local school. It was nice to have so much space to spread out, and the kids really loved their time there. Rowan played floor hockey all afternoon. I didn't realize he had that much energy in his little body! Thanks to the older cousins for letting him play :) You totally made his Christmas!

The 27th was spent at Roger & Anita's house, celebrating with the extended Friesen family. We had a great time visiting, eating, singing, and just being together. One thing about Friesen gatherings... there is always enough food :) In fact, I think maybe we should invite some more people to come, just so the food gets eaten! One special moment of the afternoon was being able to pick through Grandma's cook books, and take one to keep. Grandma is missed so much, and one thing that we will all remember is how much she LOVED to cook. For everyone, every function, and to fill up those huge deep freezers she had. I picked an old cook book called "Butter 'n Love". I think I'm going to enjoy reading through it.

So back to Nourishing Traditions. I've heard about this book through several blogs in the past few months, and the whole idea is so intriguing! The basic concept is getting back to the basics, cutting out all processed foods, etc. For a little info about the book, I would encourage you to check out these blogs: Passionate Homemaking and Heavenly Homemakers I find both blogs to be very uplifting to begin with, and I appreciate their take on nutrition.


S Club Mama said...

if only processed wasn't so cheap lol

Anonymous said...

That's a book in my "want" list! Enjoy! :)

Lorraine said...

Nourishing Traditions is the most used cookbook in my house! It will change your way of looking at food. I have many recipes that are based on this book on my website: