Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is your love language?

Yesterday I found this online quiz from the book the 5 Love Languages. I thought it would be interesting to see what it said for me. So I took a few minutes to fill it out, and low and behold, my main love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, and quality time.

I think I sort of knew this already. I start to feel 'starved' if that makes sense, when I'm stuck at home for too long, and I feel neglected when I don't get to spend time with Keith or other family and friends. I noticed this about myself very much lately. If I haven't spent time with a friend for a while, I start to wonder if they even like me, or care about me.

So, it got me thinking. Last night as I lay in bed, trying to fall asleep, I thought about my kids. If I receive love through quality time, that means that I give love that way as well. And you know what, I haven't been loving my kids the way I should.

So this morning we spent lots of time reading books, playing play dough, and just being together. It made me happier, and I hope they enjoyed it too :)


3 for Me! said...

I love that series of books! I read them when I was first married/engaged to be married!! I think it's interesting that we give love the same way we feel loved!

You should have Keith take it, too!! Brian and I have different love languages and I know it keeps our marriage strong when we know how to love the other in the way that they "feel" loved!!

Mine are acts of service and quality time.

S Club Mama said...

The online test says physical touch is mine. I don't know about that. When I read the book, it said words of affirmation. That I totally agree with. But I could see quality time and physical touch being seconds.

Eva said...

Quality time and Words of Affirmation. :-)

Stam House said...

Am sure they love spending time with their Mama!!!!

Our little goose love spending time with me too:-) So does Harry :-)!!!! To bad sometimes I feel like their is not enough of me to give all what they deserve!!!!

Jobina said...

that's interesting, Mark and I have been reading and discussing that book over Christmas! Once you figure out how you and those close to you best receive and express love I think it makes life so much easier. Glad you had a great day with your kids!

Ellen said...

Cool! Funny cuz I just read the love languages for kids book :) It's neat to watch my kids and discover their 'language'. Although it is still important that we use all the love languages! I am glad that you had a fun day with the kids, I know I don't do those days often enough!! Thanks for the reminder :) As for my love language, I'm 'acts of service' and then 'quality time'. I can't wait for my husband to do the quiz too, I would like to know what he is :)