Friday, January 08, 2010

33 weeks

Since it's getting to be the home stretch of this pregnancy, I figure I'll start posting an update weekly. Only 7 weeks to go, give or take!

As you can see by my sidebar, Christmas and New Years were a little rough on the weight gain :) But I'm not too worried. Now that I'm eating normally again, things should even out.

Last night I had a dream that I could see my baby through my stomach, and it had tons of black hair, and it was a boy. That was a really weird feeling. At one point the baby reached it's hand out through my belly and I held it for a moment. Then I panicked because I realized that this wasn't normal, so I was going to go find my midwife. I think I woke up after that :)

As far as baby purchases, I did make one big purchase the other day. I found a great deal on a wooden high chair here. They don't ship to Canada, but I was able to ship it to a US depot and it will hopefully be picked up in the next week or two! I can't wait to set it up for Bria. She will get to use it until the baby is ready to sit at the table with us.

How have I been feeling? Well... I was feeling pretty rotten for a long time, with that horrible cold I had. I was totally out of breath most of the time, and I worried that I wouldn't get better. But I'm healthy now! I'm so thankful to be able to breath easy again. I can actually accomplish a few things without being totally wiped by the end. Unfortunately, now Bria has a nasty cold, so I'm still getting woken up at night. I'm praying this passes quickly!

Let's see... what else. I find it amusing how people react to me lately. A lot of people ask how much longer I have left. When I tell them, they either are super nice and say something like "Wow, that's coming so soon! You look great!" or they say something like "Wow, you still have that much longer to go?". Which deep down makes me think that they look at my belly and think I'm enormous. Who is the honest one? I don't know :) And really, I don't care that much at this point. I just know that for me, the time is FLYING by! Seriously. I don't feel ready yet.

In other news, Keith has been working on the basement, so we might just have a toy room very soon :) I'm so relieved that this is finally getting done. I don't think men understand the crazy nesting feeling that us women get. Until that nursery is set up and ready to go, I will not be ready, and certainly not relaxed!

Another stress on me lately is how Bria seems to get into everything. I'm worried that she will constantly be messing up the baby's room, taking things out of the dresser, and 'breaking in' when the baby is sleeping. I honestly have no clue how to discipline her anymore. Nothing seems to get through to her. Even if she is disciplined and is crying, she still does the same thing, only minutes later! It's a constant battle for my sanity in this house!


Heather said...

You need some really good childproof doorknob lock things.

Stam House said...

I could be the age thing cause Rebekah is doing the same and *spanking* does not seams to work (she do it again in a min) My MIL told me that I have to be persistant and keep *spanking* and that all will fall into place. But WHEN!!!!

I fell that it's her against me all the time and I get to tired at the end of the day. Just dealing with her tired me out more then cleaning the whole house!!!

So you cold is better now? Hope you are able to sleep good for the next few weeks before baby comes.

can't wait to see the baby bump!!!!

Stam House said...

BTW I love what Bria is wearing

S Club Mama said...

Those doorknob childproofers are fantastic. But Tristan has woke the baby up. I think Bria is probably old enough (as is Tristan usually) to understand the baby is sleeping. I think she'll be just fine. :)

Jobina said...

I LOVE the baby bump! 33 weeks, wow, it's going SO fast! You look great and I'm glad to hear that you're feeling much better.

Stam House said...

Oh I love you cute belly pic!!!! Is it just me but it look like you have drop a bit?

Anonymous said...

Spank, spank and spank some more. Some parents don't agree with that, but I personally think we should not "spare the rod" as the Bible indicates.

Sylvia C. said...

I'm going to throw my opinion in there, because it's something I feel passionately about.

Consistency with discipline is key. Do what you do, and do it again and and again, and do not give it up.

That being said, no sane and loving mother wants to whoop their kids all day long... That's ridiculous. If it isn't working, that's especially ridiculous.

I am a Christian mum (and ex-nanny) who thinks spanking is trashy and UN-Jesus like.

Whew. My heart is beating hard.
Better go...
best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you (Sylvia) would consider spanking trashy and UN-Jesus like, when it clearly states in the bible not to spare the rod on your child. When I said spank I did not say beat your child. I agree that if after the first spank or two the child still isn't listening, then, you should find another alternative. I also think that taking away their favorite toy for a while works well. Perhaps Bria wouldn't understand that concept yet, but with time she will.

Stacey said...

OK people... let's not turn my blog into a spanking debate! And Anonymous... why can't you just post your name. There's nothing more irritating than anonymous comments of this nature!

Ellen said...

Love your pic, altho it looks kinda tricky to pose and take the pic yourself :) lol.. As to Bria, I won't comment on the spanking issue, but it depends on if she is being defiant or just being curious. One thing I try to do is lay out the boundries (ex. If you touch that Mommy will put you in the corner, or whatever you chose as a consequence) and remind her often. I was reminded (from reading a book) that kids don't remember, after 30min to 60min you will have to remind them (or sometimes sooner). Then of course follow through. I know those days though, where it seems that all you are doing is disciplining all day long and I don't know about you but I get cranky after a whole day of feeling like nothing other than a meany! (although I know it's not) It's also tough thinking that nothing is working, sometimes it's just one of those days where you have to keep sticking to it and sometimes you have to step back and think about if the discipline is effective and if you need to re-adjust your strategy. Either way, hope things start getting better!! (there could be a lot of truth to the acting out before baby comes along, feeling that something is different)

Andrea said...

That's so exciting that you bought a wooden high chair! :) They sound so handy. As for the whole discipline thing...we have the same's just not centered around 'getting into things'...more centered around whining consistently, not sharing, not treating others well, etc. And yeah....I feel like you too...I've tried everything and nothing seems to work. Though I do know that sometimes I just get so tired of trying that I DO let one of these issues slide...and Tate and Emily (especially Tate) KNOWS when that I'm sure that I'm not helping the situation then. Sigh. Good luck with Bria though...I hope and pray that all our hard work with pay off in the end. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey--- I am not the anonymous person who posted about spanking, just to clarify.

I have been reading what I consider to be a fantastic book about discipline for preschoolers that you might find interesting. Thought I would share:

Positive Discipline for Young Children see this site:

Very, very helpful and informative about the stage of development and strategies to try....... IF you have the time and energy to read in between the nesting that is bound to strike at this stage.

That chair looks fantastic!!!!!


Anonymous said...

oh, and about not disturbing baby.... she won't have as much motivation to disturb baby if baby's sleep time becomes Bria's time to have one-one time with Mom. Also consider some white noise or background noise for baby's room to help filter out sounds--- cd, fan, music, etc. Helps tremendously even if Bria does rattle a doorknob or a lock, etc.


Micki said...

Stacey you look fantastic! That home stretch is so hard, mostly with the waiting for me, but you can totally do this!

Good luck with Bria. My two year old is in a similar exploring (dumping, trashing) stage and it's driving me bonkers!!

And thanks for your comment on my blog as well - you always make me smile :)