Friday, January 22, 2010

35 weeks... WOW!

*yes... I cut my head off the picture. Bad hair day*

Time continues to fly by for me. I'm so thankful for that. Usually the last weeks of pregnancy are draining and seem to drag on forever, but not this time. Yay!

Yesterday I had a midwife appointment, though not with J. This time I had L, one of the other midwives. J is on vacation, and I hope she's having a great time! L was great. We had a bit of a shorter appointment, but that was OK. We chatted a bit about Group B Strep again. I'm still going back and forth on whether or not I will be tested... any advice?

My cankles just seemed to be getting worse and worse, so I finally gave in and have put on compression stockings. So far so good! They are not the most comfy things in the world, and boy are they hard to get on! But at least I know I'm not retaining gallons of water in my feet anymore :)

My weight gain has slowed down again, like I thought it would. I haven't gained in the last two weeks like I was before. Now that my stomach is the size of like a pea, it takes a lot more effort to eat the right things. I'm working on it though! Trying to get in the fruits and veggies. Good thing oranges are so good this time of year. I love em... that and grapefruit!

Hmmm.... what else. I need to whip up a few casseroles for the freezer, but I'm a bit stumped. So far, Rowan and Bria were both incredibly sensitive when I was nursing them. No citrus, onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, chocolate, cabbage, beans, etc. Seriously... how do you plan meals like that? I'm praying that this baby will not be so sensitive. I can hope, right?


Alyssa said...

I'm so excited to meet, *super* excited! Crazy how times flies - only 5'ish weeks left!

Ellen said...

what's the harm in getting tested for group b strep? I've always been tested and both times neg. I can't believe how fast time has gone! You should do a poll for us to guess baby's gender :) Hope you can think of something to make that meets those requirements (that would be tough!!) Or even better, hope baby isn't very sensitive!!

Laura said...

I would definitely get the group B strep test. One of my friends had a tragic outcome from her newborn getting meningitis because of it.

3 for Me! said...

I can't believe you're already at 35 weeks... seems like time has flown by on this side:) And I'm thankful that you found something to help with the cankles!

I am in the same boat about wanting to get some food in the freezer... with our food allergies it makes freezer meals very challenging!

Andrea said...

How exciting! :) As for Group B Strep...have you tested positive for it before? of the Dr.'s here said that it's really not an accurate test in the first place - one day you'll test positive, the next day you'll test negative - all depends on your body, etc. that day. Not sure if that's true or what since I haven't researched it farther...but if it were me I probably wouldn't be worried about it. Somehow I managed to skip the GBS test with both Tate and Emily and we all have been completely fact, I hope they 'forget' to do it this time around too! he he.

Anonymous said...

Shepherd's Pie
Noodle Soup with chicken meat left in it
Farmer Sausage & Carrot soup, just leave out the onion and flavour with oxo
Hamburgers mixed up & shaped
Marinaded chicken breasts frozen
Twice Baked Potatoes frozen
Meatballs with Sweet n' Sour Sauce

Make sure you own a working crockpot and have a few whole chickens & roasts to throw in--- very fast & delicious. If planning to do those, just think ahead to some side dishes you might like to have frozen ahead to have with them?

just trying to give you ideas....

Jamy said...

Just wondering, why wouldn't you get tested for strep B? Its a harmless test, and if you have it, wouldn't it be nice to know so you could have the proper medication? Did you have it with the other 2?

Jobina said...

That shirt looks so nice and comfy! I'm so glad the stockings are working, even if they are hard to get on. I liked the list that someone gave you here for meal ideas...I may just have to steal some of those!
Happy 35th week!