Monday, January 25, 2010

More on GBS, Rowan Writes! *Edited with more info*

So I've had a lot of comments/questions about the Group B Strep test, so I thought I'd clarify my thoughts a bit here.

First of all, the facts that I got from my midwife.

~Of the women that actually test positive for Group B Strep, only 0.5% pass it on to their babies during birth.

~Of that 0.5% of babies, 30% of them die from the infection. (Very scary thought)

~The results can be different for the same woman, if tested even a week apart. (How accurate is that?)

~Canada and the US are the ONLY countries that actually test for GBS.

~If I would test positive, I believe (not 100% certain on this one) that I would need at least 4 hours of IV antibiotics BEFORE the birth of my baby. If this labor is like my others, I won't have that much time, so it would essentially be ineffective anyway. *I just read that the antibiotics are given every 4 hours during labor, and it does indeed take 4 hours for it to be effective.*

~Here is an interesting article on the use of antibiotics for GBS.

So, that's the info I'm working with. At this point, I think I've decided to at least do the test. If I'm positive, well, then I'll probably just worry about it, because I don't think I will have the 4 hours for the antibiotics. If I'm negative, I'll be thankful :) I was negative with both Rowan and Bria anyway, so I'm considered 'low risk'.

On to a new topic... Rowan! My little man is now into words. He asks me many times throughout the day, "Mommy, how do you spell -------?" Some words he totally sounds out on his own, and others he needs some help. But he's doing really well, and I'm excited that he loves learning! Here's a couple things he's done in the past week or so.

This first page he made at my parents house for Bria, when we were in Winnipeg for Bria's kidney appointment. I believe he did it all on his own.

This page he made yesterday, for his friend Brandon. Brandon moved away this past year, and Rowan misses him a lot. We hope to go visit them soon (just need to give them a call :) ). Rowan wrote almost the whole note by himself, except he did ask me how to spell 'to me'. Here's the translation:

Brandon (he spelled this wrong, but he did sound it out all by himself)
To Me

I hope he continues to love learning!


Heather said...

What a smart little guy! I love the drawing of his monkey:)

Drea said...

4 hrs?! really? I had beta strep with Caleb and dont recall it taking that long. I think maybe an hour or two? if that. It was COLD THO!! felt like ice in my veins.
With Taite I didnt have beta strap tho.. so that was a relief.

If I did have it w/ this baby tho id def get IV treatment.. even tho I dont want an IV ... id rather be safe than sorry on this one.

but if u dont have time, u dont have time! lol and I think the Lord will protect your lil one either way.


Anonymous said...

A message for Rowan --- I'm so happy that you want to learn how to read and write. When your Daddy was 4 years old he was always asking me how to spell words, too. It didn't take long before he could read and spell almost anything.
Love, Grandma

Wenona said...

I agree with the accuracy of the GBS. My midwife (when I had Koen) said that it can test differently from week to week, so you can test + one week and - the next. Makes you wonder.
I tested negative and was thankful for that as well!
And yay for Rowan learning to write words! That's so cute!