Monday, January 18, 2010

Things are happening!

No, not the baby... he/she needs to stay in a little longer! But we have made some progress in our house, and I have Keith's and my families to thank for that!

Saturday was a crazy crazy day in our house. Except I think all I did was sit around most of the day. (Note to self: Do not try washing all the laundry, including all the baby clothes and blankets, in one day. That many trips up and down the stairs just doesn't work!)

The results of the day: The playroom is painted and has new carpet! The rest of the basement is well on it's way to being ready to paint, and my stairs are awaiting their lovely new carpet. So exciting! Keith wants to finish up a few more things, like the laminate at the bottom of the stairs, the carpet on the stairs, and a few cabinet doors in the playroom. Otherwise, it's ready for the toys. I'm really pumped about this.

In case you are wondering what color we decided to paint... we went with a super duper bright yellow, which I think makes the room sunny and cheerful! It's a playroom, after all.

And while the guys were all working on that, my wonderful Mother-in-law washed walls for me, washed dishes, and even baked a chocolate cake for me to take to potluck on Sunday :) It was wonderful. And Auntie Alyssa enjoyed keeping the kids busy, which was also a huge blessing.


Liane said...

Love the color! What kind did you end up getting?

S Club Mama said...

Can I have your mother-in-law? She sounds fabulous! I'm so glad you have help; you shouldn't be doing a whole lot - you're making a baby!

Jobina said...

Oh my goodness, ALL the laundry in one day??!! I'm amazed you could move at all after! The most I can manage is 2-3 loads, then I'm shot.
Laureen is a saint, how do our mother's and mother's-in-law just seem to know exactly what would make our day?
So glad things are moving along, you'll get your baby room yet!


Awesome! That's exciting & it looks great ... such a wonderful blessing to have all that help from family.


Alyssa said...

Correction: Auntie Alyssa *slept* while the kids entertained themselves ;-) Or something like that...

Erica Hildebrand said...

Nesting is so great! I wish I could have the nesting motivation again (without being pregnant!). I think I got more done in the 6 weeks of nesting last year than I have in a whole years time - seriously!

Love the playroom color, too. :)