Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Diaper Bag

So a few of you have been interested in where I got my diaper bag, and I totally forgot to blog about it! Quite a while ago, I wrote a review here on my blog for a sweet lady that calls herself PajammaGramma. While I really loved the bag that she made me, I knew it wasn't quite big enough for a mommy of three. So I contacted her again to order a new one. She custom makes bags with either her instock fabric, or you can choose what fabric you like (within a certain price range) and she will buy it and make your bag! My fabric was custom, and I found it on Etsy, in case anyone is wondering where to find fun prints for a good price :)

The bag is really sturdy, and has room for everything I will need. Especially using cloth diapers, I need the space! And I really love the matching change pad that she made. I look forward to getting some good use out of it!
You may have to make yourself a profile on Diaper Swappers in order to contact PajammaGramma, but it's worth it! She does an excellent job and has very reasonable prices.


Stam House said...

Love the bag!!! and yes cloth diapers does take room!!!

Shanilie said...

Oh yeae :) I'm glad you did a post on this. I was very curious. I'v been looking for a diaper bag that will be large enough for a mom of three and not too big that it feels like I'm bringing along luggage. I will definitely be checking it out.ty

Jobina said...

It's all in what you want. I had very specific criteria of what I wanted and I just kept searching until I found it. Your bag looks very "you". Big plus having a cute matching change pad!

Micki said...

That's beautiful!!

I chicken out when it comes to using cd's out of the house b/c they do take up so much room and then there's multiple kids, etc. I just don't have the room! You're much braver than I am :)

Kelly said...

Hi! I'm stopping by on another bloggers recommendation at POM's Connect MEme Monday! I really love your blog (joined your GFC) and your kiddos are beautiful btw! And congrats on your pregnancy...happy pushing!