Monday, March 08, 2010

Baby Shower

Yesterday afternoon our church had a baby shower for me and Emery, and it was so much fun! There were three babies being celebrated at the same time, so the ladies split into three groups to make us these beautiful collages using a poem that was read at the shower. We played a few games as well, and enjoyed some awesome food. Thanks ladies!

I'm so thankful for the thoughtful gifts we received too, especially the cash that we will put toward a car seat. Car seats are not cheap, and I'm so glad to have a little help in that department! This is the seat that I will be purchasing in a couple months, once Emery is out of the infant seat.

And, as promised, here are a couple pictures of Emery. I'm hoping to figure out life again this week (last week we had Keith's sister Alyssa here to entertain the kids and keep me company) and see if I can survive life with three kids!! Hopefully I'll get some photo opportunities along the way.


Shanilie said...

That looks like a really special time! I am guessing the 2 other moms had boys? Blue accents on either side.

Love the little outfit she is in. After I had Riley I hardly took many pictures either :s

S Club Mama said...

Oh honey I love love those pictures. And you'll figure it out with the 3 kids - if I can figure it out with 2 you can with 3 - you're so great!

That is a neat carseat; I've never seen that one.

My gift should be arriving any day now.

Jobina said...

I just love baby showers, they're so much fun! Emery is just a gorgeous little thing!!!

Stam House said...

Wow she look so grown up already!!! Ans showers are a blessing, That sounded strange I mean baby showers!!!

Micki said...

The shower looks amazing! I'm glad you've got a good group of ladies looking after you.

Emery looks absolutely beautiful in these photos. She's losing that newborn look already and she's filling out so nicely!