Friday, May 14, 2010

Weighed, measured, and poked!

Yesterday was a momentous day for me as a mom.  I brought my oldest child in for Kindergarten immunizations!!  I'd been preparing Rowan for this for a while, making sure he understood what would happen, and why he was getting poked.  I was slightly nervous that he would freak out.  But... he did awesome!!!  Seriously, I've never seen anyone so excited to get a needle before :)  What a kid.  He sat on my lap, smiling the whole time!  He didn't even flinch.  And when she did the second needle, he kept right on smiling.  I'm so proud of my big guy :)  He didn't even complain of a sore arm later on in the day.  Perfectly fine.

Emery was also supposed to get her immunizations, after holding off a month.  I didn't end up getting them done though.  She's come down with a cold, and even though it's not that serious, I hate to put her body through more than I need to at once.  That, and I've honestly gotten more and more cautious about immunizing with each baby.  I may just hold of for a few more months.  I do plan on giving her all the immunizations, just later.  I think they're important, but it's a lot for a tiny baby to handle!

While we were there though, all three kids got weighed and measured.  That sure was fun!  I wanted to see especially how big Emery was.  Here's the stats:

Rowan, age 4 and 10 months: 47.8 lbs, 46 1/2 inches tall
Bria, age 2 and 10 months: 34.8 lbs, 38 1/2 inches tall
Emery, age 3 months: 12 lbs 7 oz, 24 1/4 inches tall

Bria was also weighed and measured at the same age as Emery, so I checked her stats from then.  Emery is 1 1/2 pounds lighter, and an inch longer than Bria was!  She's my longest baby so far, while also being the lightest at this age.

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Stam House said...

Way the go little man!

Wow they are growing well :-) Good job Mama!!!!