Monday, June 07, 2010

Big & Little

Today was a very important day for Rowan.  We got to spend about 45 minutes checking out both of the Kindergarten classrooms at the school where he will be attending this fall!  The school is just down the street from us, so we had a nice walk over.  Emery asleep in the sling, and Rowan quietly plodding along beside me.  I was hoping he would actually say hi to the teachers, and answer their questions!

But, he was a pro.  I didn't take my camera along, but Keith took a few pictures of Rowan with Emery today at lunch, and Rowan is proudly sporting the name tag that he wore for the morning.

I'm excited for him.  I know he's going to absolutely LOVE school, and I think we have one of the best schools around.  I have no worries about him attending school, other than the fact that kids can be mean to each other.  That one, this mommy's heart is having a hard time dealing with.  I'm praying that things will go well.  We will see.

Emery is growing up SO fast, and I keep forgetting to take pictures, so here she is, 3 1/2 months old!  She's around 14 pounds, and 25-26 inches long (haven't measured in a while).  Big girl.  Especially when pictured next to my new nephew, Milam.  (YAY, by the way :)  I'm so excited to have a nephew!)

She loves to coo and 'talk' to us, and has figured out that she can squirm around enough on the floor to turn in circles :)  Her hair is still blond, for those that are wondering.  People are always commenting that it's going to turn red like Rowan and Bria's hair.  Nope, not likely.  Rowan and Bria's hair didn't "turn" red, it just is red.  Always was.  I think Emery is just going to stay blond like Keith and I.

You may be wondering about Bria, and well, I think she deserves her own little update, another day!  Seriously, God is putting me in patience boot camp with that one....


Stam House said...

Awww they are both sweetheart! And wow your little girl is growing up so fast!!!

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT believe how 'grown up' Emery looks! Guess it's been a while since i've seen her:(

Congrats on the new nephew by-the-way!!!

~Auntie Michelle

Ellen said...

Yay for Rowan! I too am excited about sending my son to kindergarten (although I am going to wait until next Sept.) It's so exciting to see them learn!! I have to say that Emery totally has your eyes (in my opinion). About Bria (if you are going through what I suspect), you know how people talk about terrible two's, I think threes can be worse (knowing that she's almost three) - I have found that focusing on the tiny glimpses of success is better than drowning in all the negative (tough to do on the tuff days!). Keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kindergarten...can't believe it! Very exciting, Rowan. And Emery has grown so much. She is beautiful. The baby stage is so short and the years just fly... this is the way life goes. Congratulations on your new nephew!! He is so sweet.

eva said...

Pretty much my thoughts exactly on Jonas going to school. So exciting for them. :)

Jobina said...

Kindergarten is so exciting, I hope waiting through the summer isn't too hard for him. He's going to be a great little student!
Emery looks so adorable, now I can really see that she's quite the mix of Rowan and Bria. Love the outfit!