Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I'm so proud :)

Last Thursday night we took our youth to a neighboring town where we were invited to listen to a missionary story.  You may have heard of John & Eloise Bergen, who were brutally attacked at their home in Kenya.  John was there sharing their story, and low & behold, my baby brother's band was playing for the youth that night as well!

Dustin has been part of the band Reinstate for well over a year now, and I still had never heard them play!  We own the CD, but there's just something about seeing them live that you just can't get through a disc.

And there I was, big sister, so proud I almost cried :)  Dustin is an awesome drummer.  He puts his heart and soul into his music.  We always knew this little blondie would go far with music.  From the age of 4 he was strumming away on his guitar, playing chords that he had only watched our older brother play.  From the day he got that guitar, he literally sat down across from Warren and played along with him, no problem!  I wish I had the picture on my computer to show you all.
Dustin also plays with our worship team on Sunday mornings, and I absolutely love it when he decides to set upa a mic and sing along with us.  Between him, Warren, and myself, we can pull off a little three part harmony and that seriously turns me to puddles.  Is it OK to be so proud of my family?  Cause I am :)  I love worshiping God together, and making a beautiful noise to praise our God.

PS.  You can buy their album on iTunes :)


Wenona said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of your family. In fact, it's a blessing that you get along so well and love being together! That's rare.
Glad that you were able to listen to him play live.

S Club Mama said...

I think that kind of pride is ok, especially when the glory is given to God. :D

Steph T said...

Oh Stacey, that is SO cool!!! I've always wished that one of my kids would excel in music and use their talent to bring glory to God. That is great that your brother does! :)

Ellen said...

That's wonderful! I know the feeling, I heard my little brother preach for the first time a few weeks ago (and it wasn't even live, it had been pre-recorded) and I almost bawled because I was so proud of him. Mind you it could be some pregnancy hormones mixed in with that for me, lol.

Anonymous said...

It isn't only ok to be proud of your family, I think it is great and it makes them feel special and loved.

Anonymous said...

Very cool...definitely it is ok to be proud of your family.

Catherine Anne said...

Linked to you from Adventures in babywearing. Happy I did. Love it here. We have two drummers a big one and a little one as well~