Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Up For A Challenge?

So a couple Sundays ago I shared a short devotional at a baby/bridal shower that we held at our church.  I talked about the Proverbs 31 woman a bit, and how life as a wife is not one that you can succeed at if you are living for yourself.  Honestly, I really prepared this devotional as a challenge to myself, to really step up as a wife.

I confess.  I am a selfish person.  I get upset when I don't get my way.  Today I am realizing even more how far I am from who I want to be.  It scares me really.  Will I ever be the happy, cheerful, giving wife that I want to be?

Even though I'm really afraid that I will fail miserably, I've decided to join the challenge presented by Courtney at Women Living Well, a blog I just discovered today through Renee's blog.  Here's a short video clip, talking a bit about the Completing Him Summer Challenge 2010.

If you are interested, you can check it out by clicking on the button.


Stam House said...

Thanks for your honest post Stacey! We all could be better is some area of our marriage, as the Lord is not done with us yet, we are always getting perfected more and more each day trough Him!

Praying that this challenge, will make us all better wife, mother and that we would learn to serve our Lord better too!



Anonymous said...

As women (and women tend to be self-deprecating) I think we need to be careful when we call ourself "selfish". Having our own opinions, likes and dislikes is not selfish. My huband and I are Christians and I am a SAHM, but we have a hard time with the mainstream Christian approach that views women as servants. My husband "needs" a wife that is his PARTNER with her own mind, as I need a husband who is the same. In life, I believe partnerships work more productively and healthfully than top-down relationships. This goes for workplace and home life. Plus, I think this tends to infantalize men. I am a mother and tend to my children's needs. I expect my husband to act like a an adult and meet his needs in various ways and communicate his needs to me. I enjoy your blog and your perspective. I hope you don't mind me expressing my perspective.


Stacey said...

Hey Tinkermama,
Thanks for stopping by! I'm guessing we think more alike than you think. I don't think it's selfish either to have my own opinions, etc. What I'm talking about is wanting things to be my way. Wanting 'me' time, etc. I believe we are to be partners, but I also believe that husbands and wives have different roles in the home.

Anonymous said...

Right, we are in agreement about the partnership thing! :) And in no way to I think you are not thinking for yourself and we are all certainly entitled to our ways of living that suite our families best. However, I think the women as servants perpective can be a dangerous one and does not always encourage partnership, communication, and unconditional love in all couples. Again, not saying that you live this way, but just thinking about this perspective from a larger picture.


Stacey said...

I agree. Some women do take it to the extreme, and I don't think that is healthy at all. It's about loving each other, not who has control.

Ellen said...

I can totally see and agree with your train of thought Tinkermama! At first when I read through the challenge I had some of the same concerns. I then decided that it is up to me to figure out how far or literal I will take things - and how I can adapt the challenges to better suit my marriage and partnership. I also agree that Stacey don't be too hard on yourself, especially with the wanting your own time. I really think that as a SAHM you do need to be able to take time for yourself, if you don't you will burn out. Looking back at one particularly long winter (that my husband was working long hours and away from home) I think I may have gone through a slight depression. My life was kids at home, that's it - I had lost the balance of the give and take and wasn't replenishing myself. Taking care of yourself IS taking care of your husband and family!!