Monday, August 16, 2010

Anyone need a Baby Carrier?

This Wednesday and Thursday I will be doing a bit of a baby wearing demonstration locally.  I'm excited, and have been busy preparing what I want to share with the moms in these groups.  The dynamic is really different from the last times I've done demonstrations.  In light of recent recalls (Infantino and others) I will be very focused on safety, and how to use carriers properly.  I also really want to encourage the mothers to give it a try!

Of course, whenever I do a demonstration, I also go through all my carriers and decide which ones to bring along.... and well, this time I feel it's time to thin the stash a bit!  Let's face it, I really can't use all these carriers, and it would be great if someone else could get some use out of them.

This sling is from a Canadian company called Snug as a Bug.  It's a really great quality sling, strong and well made.  I have used it maybe a handful of times, if that.  $40 ppd within the US and Canada.

This is a homemade BBO style Mei Tai.  I just prefer a Mei Tai with padded straps instead of wide straps.  $30 ppd within the US and Canada.

This is a Signature Bundleboo woven wrap.  Sooo pretty, but I have a few other woven wraps, and I have hardly used this one at all.  Has a built in safety seat, so it's great for someone who isn't super comfortable with wrapping.  $55 ppd within the US and Canada.

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