Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The beginning of Baby Led Weaning?

A friend of mine lent me this fabulous book.  It really is great.  I am not finished reading it yet, and I have already decided that every mother should have a chance to read this book :)

It's called Baby Led Weaning.  The basic gist of it all is to wait until your child is around 6 months to start solids.  At this point they are physically ready to eat more than just mush, so you don't give any purees.  You give whole finger foods in a size that baby can hold onto and chew on.  It think it's smart, and can't wait to finish the book.

Anyway, this afternoon I was munching on a yummy apple from our tree, and Emery grabbed onto it.  So I let her munch on it for a while.  She LOVED IT!!  I'll let the pictures tell the story :)

See how happy this makes me :)

Open Wide
This is fantastic!!
Maybe it doesn't fit this way :)
Like my cool hair?


Leanne said...

We did this with William and it was a huge success - I highly recommend it!

sheila said...

When our boys were around 6 months we let them eat small amounts of finger-sized foods too, especially fruits. Not sure if this is a "new idea". Guess I was under the impression that once your babies are old enough to grasp their own food this was just what you let them do. I guess each generation has their own ideas as to what's "kosher" with feeding babies and what's not.

Stacey said...

Oh, I know it's not a new idea, but most people would say you have to start with rice cereal and other types of mushy foods. In fact, most doctors even suggest it. It really doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that's what we're taught to do for some reason.

Mom said...

I think the idea behind the rice cereal is it's something mild for babies to start with that most likely won't cause a reaction as they adjust to solid food and then different types of food. Of course, some babies are more sensitive than others so I think watching them closely is always a good idea.

Kelly @ In Everything said...

My 3rd baby didn't want MUsh... LOL!! We tried to feed her rice cereal,etc and she went right to the chunks of dinner/fruit/veggies, etc:)

But then my 2nd would still eat anything if we still fed him:) Each baby is soo different:)

I've always wanted until at least 6 months b/c of our food allergy issues... it's supposed to help??? And each kid has weaned themselves :(

Emory is super cute! She's gotten soo big. Time passes too fast during the first year!

Anonymous said...

Yayy for baby-led weaning!! I started my first on solids at 6 months, did only homemade baby food and ground my own cereal. But he only really liked breastfeeding, and did almost exclusively until about a year! With #2 on the way, I'm thinking more about baby-led and making it way easier on myself too. Pure foods like apples :) for them to experiment with, less grinding and mashing. Premade baby cereals are highly processed and often have formula in them, I found out.
Thanks for the inspriation, Stacey!

Micki said...

I'm loving the pictures! I particular love her little halo of hair :) So cute!

I'll have to check out that book, thanks for recommending it.

Jamy said...

wow, i can't believe how big she's gotten already.
i guess you're right about the mushy foods. why do we do it other than like your mom says, to help introduce them to flavors slowly.
my kids start food early, around 3-4 months and are on complete table food by 6 months so its really the same thing, other than the baby food part.
doctors tell you that babies dont need solids until 1 year. I can't imagine, when I look at Avery, that she would only still be getting milk. Thats kinda sad cause she Loves Loves Loves her food.

Dreamer13 said...

We did BLW too! Only I kind of held her off even longer (11.5 months!) for allergy reasons. But we never did baby food mush and she's been feeding herself with a fork like a pro since the first time she picked one up! I Love BLW! (and so do the babies, IMO!)

btw - I love your header pic! WOW! Such cuties! and Emery's hair is adorable. :)

(found you from diaperswappers)

Stacey said...

Thanks for all the fun comments, and welcome, Dreamer13!

Stam House said...

that sounds like a very interesting book, I usually wait until our babies are ready for food (that happen for us around 10 months) and they do get table food at that point :-)

Do you finish the book, what did you think of it?