Wednesday, August 04, 2010

chop chop

So today at 6 I have an appointment to get my hair cut.  It's been waaay too long again, and well, my hair is now way too long.  I have this silly little habit of getting a great cut, and then waiting half a year to get it done again.  I really need to break that habit, and keep a nice style for a while!

So I'm here to ask you what I should do with my hair.  I've gone with this style numerous times, and I really do like it.  I'm wondering if I'm brave enough to go even shorter though.  I found a great picture in a magazine of a shorter style, but I can't find anything online that's close, so I can't show you right now!

What do you think?  Will I regret going really short?  Or will it make my life easier?  Should I just stick with the same old?


Liane said...

I like that haircut you had there, but I'd say go short. It will grow back again!

emily said...

I personally think this is the easiest style to maintain. Anything shorter might require gel or other products. It keeps your neck cool and looks great, even when messy. But that's just me:)

Kalle said...

Stacey it looks awesome. Love the hair.

Jamy said...

hmm, i say go short. it'll grow back to this length in no time.

Stam House said...

The one in the picture is nice, shorter could be nice for a while but you might need to maintain it to be happy with it (the in between stage when trying to grow it back is always rough)

Take picture after you get it done :-)