Wednesday, September 22, 2010

afraid to speak my thoughts

I will be the first to say that I have been very pro-vaccine.  It just didn't make sense to me that people would choose NOT to vaccinate.  I mean, that's putting your child at risk, isn't it?  Why would one be so irresponsible?  Vaccines are there to help us, and we should trust those that make them.  I never thought I would ever be convinced otherwise, and chose to respectfully disagree with those who didn't vaccinate for one reason or another.

For a little history on my family... Rowan was fully vaccinated, because I had never heard there was any reason not to.  Then came Bria, and I starting questioning things.  I was given answers that pacified me enough to go for another full round for Bria.  She is fully vaccinated up to where she is required to be.

Fast forward to Emery... This is where I really started to have a lot of doubt.  See, it was during my pregnancy that H1N1 was the talk around the world.  It was scary, and I lost sleep over the issue.  I let fear sway me back and forth over and over again, but in the end, there was no way I was going to inject my body with a vaccine that was proving to be detrimental.  And certainly my kids were not going to get it.  I've always thought the regular flu shot was kind of ineffective too.  So why did I feel this way about these shots and not the regular vaccines that we are supposed to give our children?  I didn't really know.

When Emery was born, I was so much more informed on my choices as a mother.  I'm incredibly thankful that I had such a wonderful midwife who explained things to me so I could actually make a decision, instead of just following orders.  I wish every mother was able to have that option.  We should all have choices in regards to our children's health.

Fast forward again, to Emery's 2 month immunization appointment.  First, I delayed the appointment til she was 3 months.  I needed more time to think.  And then, low and behold, she was sick at the time of her appointment.  I thanked God and told the nurse I would call when I was good and ready :)  I still have yet to be 'ready', lol.  And now I'm incredibly grateful that I have put this off for so long.

A couple weeks ago, I was reading one of my new favorite blogs, and came across this post.  See, I figured Carrington was just taken up by all the natural, hippy type fads, (pleas don't take offense, if you read this Carrington!  I agree with more than I care to admit, lol.) and while I agreed with a lot of her posts, this one I kind of skipped over.  Until today.  This afternoon, Drea and I were chatting, and she linked to Carrignton's post again.  She said she was watching the video and I should check it out.  Drea and I agree on a lot of things, and I trust her opinions on things, so I figured, why not?

I've been sitting here, watching this video, almost crying, thinking of the fact that my older kids have been vaccinated.  I know my family and friends are probably praying for me right now, thinking of ways to show me the error of my ways, but I honestly believe this video, and at this point, I will say that Emery will remain unvaccinated.  Please don't think that this means I think everyone else is wrong and making a bad choice.  Like I said earlier, we should, as parents, be presented with the facts, and then be able to make our own decisions.  

If anyone has proof that this video is in error, I would like to know.  But I figure I can't undo a vaccination, but I can always decide to do it later if I am ever convinced to.

Whew.  I said it.  Please watch the video and decide for yourself.


Stam House said...

Yes I did see that video a while back, think it was before Rebekah was born and she nail it for me, being a nurse and all I agree that medical field is sometime hiding the truth etc...

All our kids are un-vaccinated healthy and praying that God will protect them and also give us wisdom to deal with sickness when and if they occurs!

Eva said...

It's a difficult decision.. because the world makes it difficult.

You see.. I'm not against vaccinating and have lots of friends who are very pro and I never make a stand against it. Our reason was simple: our son Alex got sick to the point of needing antibiotics every time he was vaccinated and then we found out he had an allergy to raw egg white {and there happens to be egg white in the 1 year vaccination so we it was postponed until he was 1+3 months and was supervised by a doctor}. He got sick again, with a double ear, sinus, and strep throat infections. This is when we decided to stop and finally he became healthy. He has not needed antibiotics since age 1 1/2.

Our daughter Ariel was vaccinated 1 time and since we decided to stop with Alex we stopped with her. Our next two.. Celena and Josiah have never been vaccinated. And the only proof that it's a good decision is that these three HAVE NEVER need antibiotics. They have never had any kind of infection. Are they perfect.. no.. Celena has allergies and the other three are sensitive to dairy but they are all healthy.

I too say, that for now I am making the best choice I know for our children and when they are older and choose get vaccinated I would never stop them.

Anonymous said...

This one is really hard. I am somewhere down the middle. My first is vaccinated, but my second coming up.... I don't know. I do know that alot of the info on vaccineds is American and that apparantly their standards are different (Canada vaccs dont' use aborted fetuses, have high levels of mercury, etc). I'm confused and not sure what's best to do.

Carrington said...

Oh Stacey, I am not offended at all, ha! Quite the contrary! So happy, and elated that you took the time to watch. I was blown away by the compelling facts in the documentary (by reputable doctors, scientists etc..) as well as the heart gripping stories. I wish I could make everyone I know watch it. It gave me so much more confidence in my choice, and I hope it did the same for you. Thank you for getting the word out, and thank you for reading and commenting!

Donna said...

I never knew I had a choice either, till a bit later in my kids lives (10 and 6)...I waited on some once the vaccine thing went kids won't get Hep A or whatever the one that isn't "required" is and they tried giving my 10 year old gardisi and I said NO.

I think delaying and spacing them is a great option. Please research more on the diseases making a comeback, people are now getting Polio etc because people are not vaccinating against them.

There have been lawsuits on parents that did not vaccinate and their child spread a disease killing and making others sick.

Im not saying yes for either side...I am torn, and sad I never knew I had a choice. Just do more research than a video and others hearsay (even mine...research both sides to the best of your ability, and pray about it.

Tricky situation where your kid can be sick either way.

Also for the person that said there kids are never sick because they don't get shots...well mine are never sick and they got all there kids have been on antibiotic maybe 3 time b/w the 2 of them...just throwing it out there.

I think you are fine saying what you feel since you are not bashing either choice...kindness is the key...Hope I was kind in my thoughts!

Drea said...

awe I didnt want to make you cry!! But I think its good you are feeling more secure in your decision.

As far as what donna said on law suits.. its sad to me that people would think to blame someone who doesnt vaccinate for their kid getting sick. When honestly, we are all prone to get some sorta disease from anyone... may it be a staff infection, mono or what not. Would I sue someone for that?

I see so often church members bringing their green booger feverish kids who had been throwing up the past 2 days to church, and Im suppose to be ok with that? no... I think if people were careful and kept their sick kids at home it be a lot safer for everyone and kids wouldnt get sick so much. I honestly keep my kids with me if I get wind of anyone having any sort of cold in our nursery or classes... Its just sad to me that people are judging those who dont vaccinate thinking we are "careless" or "inconsiderate" when honestly we could say the same to them.

What needs to be made known is that vaccines can be dangerous! I believe some do good but many dont. And With what Ava said abt her little boy being allergic to the egg.. I experienced the same thing with Caleb! He got very sick after every vaccine and at one point less than a day after one got a 105 temp and his leg swelled up like a balloon and was red. When I called the Doc they said "oh its normal" - I am sorry, BUT THAT IS NOT NORMAL.

We tested Caleb for so many allergies ... i still remember having to BIND MY 1 yr old with the help of 2 other adults in order to draw blood from his little vein to test him for certain allergies... it was horrifying and I honestly believe all I would of had to do to make him better, was to stop those shots... and finally after he was about 16 mo I did and he got sick so much less... and never had another ear infection.

Im rambling and loosing my train of thought :)

But yea... Stacey, its your decision ... and just like you made the choice to opt out of the h1n1, you need to do what you feel is best for your babies... and if waiting til emery is 2 or shoot even 10, so be it. I dont intend on getting Calebs 5 yr old shot coming up, ill wait til he is 8 or maybe older... im just in no rush to pump those unknowns into his body just yet... and the same goes for my other kids.

annejisca said...

Vaccines really scare me too. Korban is almost 2.5 and hasn't had any yet. My thinking at this point is that he will get some, but I'll spread them out and will wait until he's a bit older. I was going to wait until he was 2, and I still feel he's too young now that he is 2!! I was going to give him tetanus before the summer, but you can't get just tetanus, it's combined with a few other shots. That frustrated me so bad, that I quit thinking about starting some of them. I would give him some, if they could be single vaccines and I could spread them. Since I can't, I'll wait until he's older.

Andrea said...

You know what I think about this. :) Good for you for saying what you think. I have never regretted not vaccinating our kids - even when Emily got the measles. In fact, I believe that God designed our bodies so that we *could* or *would* get things like chicken pox and measles when we are young - it builds their immune systems and younger bodies fight off diseases like this SO MUCH BETTER than older bodies do. :) Anyways...that just one little thought. I have yet to watch that video but I am planning to as soon as I have a chance!

Irina said...

Stacey I can hear you loud and clear. Adam is fully vaccinated, Aleah...we stopped half way through and Savannah hasn't had a single shot yet.

Lindsey Dueck said...

This makes me sad.I beg you all, please do research for both sides. It disturbes me that most of the research they cite in the video is 20+ years old, insome cases almost 40 years old! The medical field has changed SO MUCH in that period of time.

I don't know what kind of research any of you have done, you probably have done more than me, but don't believe everything you see in a video or read on the internet. If you have concerns, talk to your doctor about them, and trust what they tell you! If you still don't believe them, go to another doctor and get a second opinion!

By not vaccinating your children, you are trusting that everyone else does vaccinate theirs. I believe that if we all stopped vaccinating our children all at once, we would start to see horrible outbreaks of all the diseases vaccines have succeded on eliminating!

I could go on and on for hours, but I won't. One thing that disturbed me about the video is that they contradicted themselves. At once point they said that reported but unconfirmed cases should be counted in the total # of cases, and another time they denounced an outbreak because most of the cases were reported but unconfirmed! It just makes me wonder if they are stretching the truth to prove their point.

I agree, you should be catious when vaccinating your child. You should get all the facts and make your decision. Just be sure it is from a reliable source!

Tara said...

This is something I'm really torn about. I have my doubts about vaccinating fully, but at the same time, I'm not sure I would feel comfortable (for my children) to not vaccinate at all.

So far Owen's only had his 1st needle, and that I delayed until 4 months and split into two appointments. I definitely won't vaccinate for something like chicken pox, but some of the other ones I'm still undecided about...

Every parent has to decide what they feel is best for their children.

Nathanael and Katie said...

Hi Stacey,

I admit that I waffle a bit on this issue, but I agree with what Lindsay has to say, starting with the fact that the video was produced over a dozen years ago.

We had an outbreak of measles here in March that originated from a group of people who did not vaccinate their children. We also have a family friend who's child contracted something (I think polio, but I'm not 100% certain) as they had delayed her shot - though not for reasons you guys are talking about.

The one I am torn about is the link to autism. I have read extensively that the medical community does not believe there is a link, but the "myth" (can't think of a better word, don't mean to offend by using it...) if you can call it that, is being perpetuated by scared parents. I'm still not 100% certain my stance on that one, I guess that's where much prayer will come in.

I would heed the warning from Lindsay though, by not vaccinating your children you are trusting that everyone else is vaccinating theirs. That is a consideration to take very seriously.