Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Inspired, or something like it

I don't pull out my sewing machine that often, but I do hear it taunting me from the closet once in a while, and haul the thing out.  It's hard to really get into a project with three busy little kids.  Bria always wants to be my 'helper', which usually results in some sort of small catastrophe, but I want her to watch me anyway.  I hope she ends up with more creative juices than I've got, lol.  I'm surprisingly dull in the ol' creative department.  That's why I get ideas from other people, and try to make it happen :)

I always enjoy reading Drea's blog, especially since meeting her in person.  She's just a super great person, and I'm so happy to have her as a friend.  The fun thing about the blog world it that you get to know people that you wouldn't otherwise, and sometimes, you get the chance to meet up.  I love that!  Drea got to meet another of her bloggy friends, Kate.  They also get along great, and Kate sent Drea these awesome Market Bags, which she posted about here.

Of course, I LOVED the look of the bags, so I first started looking on Etsy to find something similar.  Couldn't find anything I really liked that wasn't over $25, so I thought, hey, I've got lots of fabric, I'll try making my own!  So I browsed around looking for a good tutorial, and found this one.  It's really simple, though I did sew one piece on backwards and had to rip a few stitches :)

I didn't want to mess up some of my favorite fabrics, so I used a brown twill that I had leftover from another project, and then a brown floral that I got from my Mother-in-law (who got it from her mother, who got it from the thrift shop, I think).  It's a fun retro looking fabric, so and matches the brown twill perfectly.

Here's my finished project!  What do you think?  It's a good size, though I think my next bag will be taller and narrower, and I'll probably do the corners/bottom more like this tutorial that Kate linked us too.  I also didn't use any type of interfacing, as that's just not that important to me, lol, and I didn't have any on hand when I got my surge of inspiration, hehe.

I now have decided to sew all of my Christmas gift bags this year.  So if you get a gift from me, it's coming in a fabric tote!  I need to use up some more fabric, and I'm hoping to head to the thrift shop for some more fun prints to add to the collection.


Drea said...

awe... your to sweet! <3 the bag!!

Mom said...

Good for you Stacey. I've been feeling very antsy to sew something lately as well...must be the weather.
Like your post title, oh and LOVE that fabric!!! :)

Stam House said...

this is amazing, Good job :-)

Ellen said...

I checked out both tutorials, they look really good. Which way do you think works best for the bottom? Having a seperate bottome piece sewn in or like the second one, with no extra bottom piece - if you try the second method let me know which one is better :)

Jobina said...

Awesome and thanks for all the links! We're really trying to do Christmas presents a little less expensively this year and I think a few bags like that done in super cute fabrics might be just what I need to make. It's super cute!

S Club Mama said...

that's great - oh I wish I had a sewing machine! The things you can make :D

Nathanael and Katie said...

My grandma has given us Christmas gifts in fabric bags for years. There's a catch though - Your bag has a tag with your name on it... an only bags that get returned will get refilled the next year - so we make sure to always give them back!!

Micki said...

That's really cute! I'm diggin' browns and coordinating fabrics right now for sure.

I've thought about doing Christmas bags for a couple years but I always seem to run out of time once I get the kids' traditional Christmas pajamas done. But one of these days it'll happen!