Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pampered Cheeks

When Emery was born, I was so blessed to have some great friends online who thought of me :)  Steph was one of them, and she was so sweet to send me a cloth diaper that she had made.

Steph runs her business, Pampered Cheeks, from her home.  She's a busy mom/wife/seamstress/daycare provider!  I 'met' her when Bria was a baby.  I had ordered a couple fitted diapers from her, which we loved.  Somehow through that, I found out she had a blog, and through commenting back and forth, we've become friends. And can I just say that I'm super excited that she is expecting another baby for next year!  Congrats Steph :)

Bria in her Pampered Cheeks Fitted Diaper (size medium)

Anyway, I should have done this ages ago, but because the diaper we have is a one size diaper, I'll be using it til Emery outgrows it, so better late than never, right?

When Steph emailed me, she let me choose the type of diaper that I wanted.  I really liked the look of her All-in-2 diapers, especially the fleece around the leg openings.  So we chose the One Size AI2, and were so excited when it came in the mail!  The PUL print is gorgeous, and has held up so well.  I think it still looks brand new, and we've been using it for around 5 months now.

When we first got the diaper, we had it on the smallest possible settings, and it fit great.  No leaks and no gaps, just a good fit.  Emery was still pretty small then.

Emery in the OS AI2, back in July at 5 months old

We have now moved on to the second setting in rise, and I don't have to snap it all the way tight on the waist either.  I have found that even with snaps, it's been a smooth transition between sizes.  I love snaps, by the way, because they last forever.  I've had issues with velcro/aplix in the past, so I tend to gravitate toward snaps.

One thing that I really really love about this diaper is the versatility.  It came with two snap in inserts, as well as an extra doubler.  One insert is smaller, which fits perfectly when the diaper is on the smallest rise setting.  The other is a large insert.  So, when Emery is older, we will be able to use the larger insert, which will provide more absorbency.  You can also snap both inserts in at the same time, making it great for nights or a heavy wetter.

I think the fleece around the leg openings is an awesome idea.  It's softer around chubby little legs and also aids in containment, lol.  The same goes for the waistband. It is not top stitched, so the fleece can roll out a bit, making it softer for baby.

As for comparisons, I think the Rainshine Designs AI2 would be the closest thing I have.  The fit of the Pampered Cheeks is a bit bigger than the Rainshine Designs, which should allow it to fit longer, which is nice.  As for absorbency, they are similar, and niether have leaked either.  The nice thing about AI2 diapers is that they fit nice and trim, so no extra bulk.

Steph is a super sweet mom, and she's got a great businesses with Pampered Cheeks.  She is very committed to quality, and providing the best product for her customers.  I would encourage you to head on over to her blog to hear about her family, and then also check out her business website!

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