Wednesday, October 06, 2010

3 Months

Just three months.  Sounds short, but feels like forever!  Three months ago I said goodbye to a friend.  Elaine and I met just over 3 years ago, when Bria, and Elaine's daughter Lina, were just babies.  They had come from Germany just a short while before they decided to visit our church, and somehow we managed to click, despite the language barrier.  Of course, Elaine learned to speak fluent English SUPER fast, and we had very little trouble communicating :)

Anyhow, it's a long story, and one of God's hand being at work, but the short story is that Elaine and her family moved back to Germany in July, following God's leading for her husband to attend Seminary.  And I miss her :)  I wish money grew on trees so I could pick some and go hop on a plane right now!  But I'll just have to wait.  And pray for my friend.  Missing you today, Elaine!

Our 'farewell' photo


Stam House said...

I'm sure she miss you too !!!

Sheila said...

If I could of transfered my free ticket to Germany to you I would of, but, no such luck. I'm sure if you sell enough cloth diapers and slings in no time you'll have enough money saved up.

Mom said...

We miss them too. I'm so glad you became friends.

Elaine said...

Now you mad me cry. I miss you too!!!