Friday, November 19, 2010

Apparently she's 9 months old

While reading through blogs today, I noticed first that Aliesha posted that Vera is 3 months old.  Then I noticed that Drea posted that Owen is 8 months old.  That can only mean one thing... Emery is 9 months old!!  These three were all born on the 19th, so it's easy to know their ages.

As for Emery, she's still her busy little self!  She's started to really get into stuff now.  She's constantly crawling over to the wires by the computer desk, crawling underneath and between chairs under the table, trying to climb things, etc.  A couple days ago she managed to climb on top of the little stool in the bathroom, while holding onto the toilet.  AH!

She's somewhere around 20 pounds or so, and around 28 1/2 - 29 inches long.  Long!!!  She wears 18 month clothing and up.  And some of that doesn't have much room left to grow.  For my Canadian friends, she easily fits into size 1 Superstore clothing.  I'm starting to run out of clothing options for her in Bria's hand me downs!

Emery hasn't been the greatest sleeper, though it does improve once in a while.  I don't like to talk about it, because as soon as I say something nice, she sleeps even worse that I thought possible!  So, don't ask, k?

Emery is starting to really notice when I leave the room.  She does NOT like it!  She needs Mommy in her sight at all times.

She's babbling a lot.  Sometimes I think she's trying to say words like 'hi', or 'bye'.  She definitely knows who 'da' is. 

She still has just two little bottom teeth, with no sight of any new teeth coming in.  That's fine with me!  She's a horrible teether.

I'm thinking she'll be walking before the end of the year, but I could be wrong.  She's quite steady when you walk her around holding her hands.  Time will tell I guess!

Emery is such a joyful little thing, and we love her to pieces!  I plan on posting a video of her tomorrow, but I'm running out of time here.



Mrs. Stam said...

she is a real cutie pie!!!

Jobina said...

wow, she's so mobile!
I love the picture of her half out of her jammies, Sawyer has been perfecting the art of getting one arm out of his sleep sack.
She's adorable

Andrea said...

She is so the cheerio picture. :) Jenna is soooo long too, and I'm having the same "problem" you are...I'm thinking we might run out of girl clothes from Emily's too-small pile! When I stand her up next to Emily she's up to Emily's mouth!! But, I was thinking it would be so fun to dress them like twins if they actually do hit the same height! :) (or even if they don't, it'd still be fun to sew up some matching outfits)

Mom said...

love the cheerio smile :)