Monday, November 15, 2010

It's on it's way to me... updated :)

I've been saving for months.  All the money that I got here and there for selling items that we weren't using has finally added up to enough to buy a Nutrimill!  I'm so excited and can't wait til it gets here.  I'm hoping it will be here by the end of the week.

Now of course I'd love to hear all about your experiences with a grain mill!  I know some of my readers have them, and I've chatted with a few of you about them.  I've also read a couple other blogs which helped me make the decision to buy a grain mill, and which mill to get.

I decided on the Nutrimill because of the way the canister works.  If you load the top, it makes enough flour to fill the canister, so you don't have to measure.  I also like that it has solid reviews all around for quality, ease of use, etc.

So why did I want to buy a grain mill?  I'm guessing at least a few of you are wondering :)  Well, the biggest reason is because the flour we get from the store just doesn't contain the nutrients that the whole grain wheat does.  Even whole wheat flour from the store is lacking in the essential vitamins and nutrients that should be there.  Did you know that once milled, wheat loses 45% of it's nutrients within just 24 hours of milling?  And within 72 hours it has lost 90% of it's nutrients!  Makes me wonder what good we get out of store bought flour and breads.  It's certainly not what we think we are getting!

I also love learning new things about health and experimenting with food, so I really think I will enjoy milling my own flour.  I bake bread at least twice each week, and occasionally I bake cakes, cookies, muffins, etc.  I even make pasta, tortillas, and pitas once in a while.  It's just something I enjoy doing.

I'll be sure to update you all once I've got the Nutrimill in my possession.  I wish I could invite you all over to try the first loaf of bread too :)

*I just signed up to be an affiliate of Healthy Kitchens, which is the major online Bosch dealer for Canada.  They sell all things Bosch, the Nutrimill, and many other great products.  If you click on the button in my sidebar to make your purchase, I would greatly appreciate it!*



Mrs. Stam said...

we don't own one but it does sounds lovely, can't wait to read how you like it!!

Wenona said...

Oooh! I am slightly jealous! I would love to use my own fresh ground flour. I should look into getting one of those. You'll totally feel like a pioneer woman when you bake bread - except using technology! :)

sheila said...

Maybe I misunderstood, you are going to be a Bosch Dealer?

Jolene said...
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Stacey said...


The affiliate program means that if someone uses my link to purchase something from Healthy Kitchens, then I will get a percentage of the sales to spend at Healthy Kitchens.

Now, I need to figure out what's wrong with that link!

Micki said...

Woohoo, you lucky girl!! I'm excited to see how you like it.

I have a great, old-fashioned mill, but I don't use it a ton. It was a hand-me-down from my MIL so I don't feel horrible about it. I use it a lot when my babies start doing cereal and grind brown rice and oats to make their cereal. I love it and so do they!

One of these days when I finally get my act together, and find a recipe I like, I want to make our bread.