Thursday, December 30, 2010

Life Update

I've been sitting here, trying to decide what to post about, putting it off for so long, and now it's time to just write!  I sometimes wonder what you, my readers, want to hear about anyway.  Is my life really that interesting?  Do I make an effect anywhere with my humble little blog?

So what has been happening in our house these last few weeks.  Well, one word can sum it up pretty well!  Sickness.  Yup.  The kids have all had their share of viruses, and I'm getting really tired of it all.  It started with Emery & Rowan getting what I think was Rotavirus (a day of vomiting, then a week of diareah).  Thankfully Bria avoided that one.  Then Keith and I both had some bug that left us feeling nauseated for a few days.  I'm actually only just starting to feel better now.  The slight stomach ache just wants to hang around.

And, if we hadn't had enough of the sickies, Emery and Bria both have a horrible cough and runny nose.  Yesterday Bria had a fever as well.  It just never ends!  What on earth can we do to get rid of all this crazy sickness?

OK, so enough about that :)  In other news, Rowan has been on holidays since the 22nd, and it's been soooo nice to not have to rush out the door in the morning!  I have to drop him off at school and pick him up, everyday, and it can sure get tiring.  I get up before everyone else on school days, so I've been enjoying a tiny bit of lazy time this last week.  I honestly think homeschooling would be so much easier in that way!  Not that I would get any free time, but I also wouldn't have to wake up my baby from her nap just to go get Rowan from school.  I wouldn't have to start the vehicle when it's -20 outside.

Rowan has been doing really well in school.  When we talked to his teacher about a month ago, she said he could do everything she had already tested him for, and was sure he was able to do many other things as well.  He is really taking off with his reading, and often reads to Bria.  It's very sweet :)  The funny thing is, he doesn't seem overly excited about going to school.  I wonder if he just doesn't learn anything new, so it isn't very exciting?  Not sure, but I know I didn't ever push him to learn, so there's not anything I can do about that!  He has a few friends that he talks about regularly too, which is nice.  Hopefully he will hang out with kids that will be an encouragement, and not a bad influence.  That is one thing that really scares me about school.  I never really had good experiences with relationships at school.  I spent a lot of time crying and trying to figure out why no one liked me.  I don't wish that on anyone, especially not my kids!

So what does Bria do when Rowan is at school?  Well, she likes to be wherever I am.  All. the. time.  I'm trying not to get frustrated when she wants to 'help' me with everything.  I know this is something I need to take as an opportunity to teach her about homemaking.  So far, she loves washing dishes with me, sweeping the floors, and throwing the laundry in the washing machine.  She's also pretty good at folding towels :)  Bria's personality is 100% vibrant and full of expression.  There is never a dull moment.  Ever.  From her animated stories and conversations, to her fun songs, she's always chatting away about something.  The house is incredibly silent when she's sleeping!  We love her energy, and pray that she will learn to use her creative mind for good things.  What age do they learn impulse control anyway... lol.

Emery.  That's one very determined little girl!  She may just rival her big sister when it comes to being mischevious!  Emery is very confident with getting around the house, but isn't quite brave enough to walk yet.  I thought for sure she would walk before Christmas, but she's just way to fast crawling and that keeps her happy for now.  What else to say about Emery... Maybe point form is easier.

~She loves to eat yogurt, bananas, oatmeal, and mandarin oranges.  It's very hard to coax her to try anything else right now, which is quite frustrating.  I think it might just be a stage, and I also think it is directly related to....
~Working on a few teeth right now!  She only has her two bottom teeth, but I *think* I can see 4 new ones coming in!  I sure hope I'm wrong, cause that's a lot all at once!  Then again, this teething business is no fun at all, and I'd love to get it over with.  Especially since they pulled Hyland's Teething Tablets off the shelf.  Those things were the only thing that worked, and I'm so upset that I can't buy them!
~She's starting to 'talk' more.  Lot's of bababa and dadada, a few mamas, and nigh nigh, even nanana.  I think she may even be trying to make specific sounds, but who knows :)  Can't really ask her, hehe.
~She isn't very interested in toys.  She likes boxes that she can open and shut, things that she can put in her mouth (especially things that she shouldn't, like garbage), and she really likes touching things that she knows she shouldn't (like the TV)
~Still thinks she's a newborn.  She still wakes usually twice every night, and wants to nurse.  I'm kind of at a loss for what to do next with her.  She goes in phases.  She'll slowly start waking later, and less, and occasionally has made it through the night no problem.  And then the whole crazy cycle starts over again.  Need I say that I'm exhausted?  Some say just let her cry.  We've tried that.  It doesn't work with her.  And even when she does start sleeping through the night for a day or two, it never lasts.

And how are Keith and I?  I'd say we're OK.  Trying to make it through this stage of life right now.  Tag teaming at night with the kids, trying to stay positive!  There are so many things that go through my mind everyday.  Thoughts like...
~I need to stay positive so I don't get depressed
~This won't last forever, so enjoy it while I can
~My kids need to have a positive mom, not a yelling one
~How can I get through to my kids on a daily basis without getting angry with them
~What am I doing wrong
~stay positive, stay positive, stay positive.......

So, I'd have to sum up this month, even year, and say that it's been a struggle.  I'm fighting the negativity, but it's definitely not easy.  I really don't know how other parents can handle having more kids.  I'd love to know their secrets.  I'd love to spend a week observing a family that has it all together.

And that's it for today's ramblings :)  We'll be celebrating Christmas with Keith's family this weekend, so I'll be back next week sometime.  I hope.



Mrs. Stam said...

I have a sleepy babe in my arms, another that is sniffling on my side, and the third one wants to eat again, I will try to come back later to leave my comment, or maybe I should just email you later

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I hope all is well soon!! Ivy is the same way where she is my SHADOW all the day long!


Monika Thiessen said...

Show me a family that has it all together... I doubt you'd find one. If you do, you can be sure that they are hiding something. We all have our own issues and God gives us what we need to deal with our issues. The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence.

Sheila said...

I agree with Monika. There doesn't give such a thing as a family that has it all together. Some would like you to think that they have it all together - but, again, they're hiding their issues well. Parenting young ones is the most difficult job ever!
Just be very thankful you don't have a child that has Autism, or Aspbergers or any of those illnesses that can turn your world upside down! We didn't go anywhere for a couple of years because of "L's" condition, now we're finally getting "out there" once again. It's been a very difficult journey for us, not too many people know just how difficult, and we never had an ounce of help from anyone - more condemnation than anything else. I guess I have a hard time feeling sorry for people whose kids are just being "kids". Normal kids act up, normal kids get sick - just a part of life.

eva said...

Hey assured no family has it all together!! The sickness thing is hard..I hear ya! And good for you for striving to see the positive and stay positive. "They" say we'll long for these days when are kids are grown. (not sure if that is any consolation at 2 Hang in there!

Jobina said...

I laughed out loud when I read about wanting to shadow a family who has it all together. There are many Moms that I'd like to learn specific things from but I don't think that any of them would say they have it all together. :o)
I've been there tough when you feel like you're barely hanging on, and I only had 2 kids at the time. Although Mark was also in school which was stressful beyond belief!
I like your self-talk, that goes far. And you're right, these days will pass, Emery will sleep through the night consistently eventually.
You're kids are adorable and so unique in their own ways, you have a wonderful, loving husband and you have a beautiful home full of fantastic homey touches that you've added to it. I wish for you many more blessings added to all that this year, plus peace and rest and a closer walk with our very loving God. Happy New Year Stacey!

Tara said...

None of us had it all together... and thank God! If we did, I don't think we'd need to lean on Him as much. Your blog does matter... I think moms like to read other "mom blogs" because it's good to know other moms are going through the same things and it's great to hear about what each other is learning. Hope your kids get better soon!

Liane said...

No one has it all together! Don't get discouraged, you're doing a great job!
We all have those days, weeks etc., but I can see your love for your kids and how you try to do what is best for them and go the extra mile to do what is best for them.