Friday, December 10, 2010

More about Kefir

I thought I'd give a little update about Kefir, since I've been making it for a while now. First of all, some excellent resources for learning more about Kefir. I found two websites, and I've learned a lot more about making Kefir, and what it is all good for.

This website offers 3 days of emails with the basic information. All of the information is available on her website anyway, but you might have to search around a bit.  She is also available to email, which is really nice.

The second website is a little harder to navigate, and you do have to pay if you want to get all the info. I figured it was cheaper than wasting a bunch of milk trying to get things right, so I payed for watching the videos. I was very impressed! This is the best information I have found so far.  It sure helps to be able to see things happen before your eyes, and to know what it should look like when it's ready.

I have found that my Kefir grains are finally starting to really produce. At first, they were tiny and kind of shriveled looking. They didn't travel very well, seeing as how it was around 3 weeks from when they were put in the mail, til when I got them. They need time to recover, and I'm happy they are finally plumping up.  In a few weeks to a month, I might even be able to give some away.

The Kefir tastes better now too. I guess it all takes some rebalancing, since it's a culture of beneficial yeasts and bacteria. I did finally try it plain, because I was curious to know what it tastes like. It's like really strong plain yogurt (which I really don't like, lol). Sour, with a slight yeasty taste, and a little bit effervescent. So, I add in stuff like Stevia, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. Or I make smoothies with fruit, peanut butter & chocolate, etc.

Right now, I'm counting on the probiotics in the Kefir to keep me from getting the stomach flu. I've been dealing with Emery's flu all week, and I'm tired and worn out. The last thing I need is to come down with this nasty flu. So far, so good. No sign of getting sick, and it's been a week since my niece Keziah got the flu (she was at our house last Friday and was throwing up later that night). Am I in the clear? I sure hope....



Lia said...

Stumbled on your blog via a link about Nourishing Traditions... definitely will keep following your posts! Nice to follow someone who's ahead of the curve!

I gather that you're located in the Prairies... Regina, SK over here. :)

Stacey said...

Welcome to my blog Lia! And yes, I'm in the Prairies. Southern Manitoba :)