Monday, February 07, 2011

Anyone know?

My sweet Grandma has been losing her vision very quickly, and is devastated that she can no longer read. Reading was her main hobby, and she loved it, so now that it's taken from her, she gets super lonely and bored. It's hard seeing someone so very discouraged.

I'm hoping to find her a good audio Bible that she can use without having to read anything, or use ear buds. Does anyone have a good suggestion? That kind of rules out sets of CD's, because she'd have to read the words on the disc to be able to figure out which book it is. And who has a Grandma that enjoys ear buds? I can't imagine too many :)

So, if you've heard of something that might work, or have one that you really like, please share with me where you got it! I'd love to bless her in this way.



Aliesha said...

You can listen to any passage of the Bible for free on

Jen said...

The same thing happened to Zach's grandma. We usually go Thursday evenings and read a short devotional and some scripture to her. It's really good connecting time for us and she is so grateful for the reading and the visit. She listens to a lot of gospel music on the radio and I think she also has some books on tape, though I don't know which ones.

Jen said...

I have the new testament on tape it's in the King James version. it's really old. Maybe you can still order from them. Or contact focus on the family. My tape set came from.

Canadian Bible Society
10 Carnforth RD
PO Box 29002 STN BRM B
Toronto On M7Y 5E2

Heather said...

I *think* you might be able to get the Bible on tape at Bible Book Shop. CD definitely. Tape ... maybe?? It would be worth checking out.

Kim said...

Another on to try.