Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Awana Grand Prix

He chose the design himself, but Keith did most of the work ;)
See that Swiss Cheese mouse trap?  That belongs to my cousin, Madeline.
Friday night we got to enjoy our very first Awana Grand Prix with Rowan. He was super excited to try out his car on the track. And, us being first time Awana parents, lol, had no idea what to expect! We were kind of surprised how official it all was.

Honestly, Rowan was pretty disappointed at first, because his car was not the fastest. I'd say it was about average speed. BUT, he did win 3rd place for best car design in Sparks :) That made for one very excited boy! He grinned like crazy as he accepted his award, and of course, the sweetheart that he is, he wanted to share his chocolate bar with all of us.

I think he's really looking forward to next year, and trying again to make the fastest car!

Watching the race with his friend Ashton and Bria.
As we figure out the whole routine and the way things work at Awana, I have to say that I'm so glad that we decided to send Rowan this year. I know I've heard it said before, and totally agree, that it is important to get our kids memorizing Scripture at a young age.

The younger the better, because it is so much easier for them to learn when they are young! Rowan has shown that he can do much more than I ever thought. I can't wait to sign him and Bria up for next year!

Even Emery got right into the action, sitting with some girls that we don't know, lol.
See that grin?  Happy, happy boy :)



Mrs. Stam said...

Looks like fun :-)

Gramma said...

Way to go Rowan!