Monday, March 07, 2011

Oh the days of my youth :)

This weekend we took our youth group to a youth retreat at Nipawin Bible College, and boy, let me tell you, it sure makes me feel old! This is the college that Keith and I met at, and it was fun to catch up with some of our friends and classmates. It was seriously crazy to think that it's been 9 years since we both finished our year at NBC! Sure makes me feel old :)

I'm pretty sure our youth had an awesome time, if their Facebook status updates today are true. That makes me happy. Cause I had a great time too. The worship was awesome, the speaker was clear and fun to listen to, and of course, our girls pulled some good pranks :) GO GIRLS!!

I can't wait to go again, whether it's next year (I hope!) or in the next few years. I'm sure we'll be back. NBC will always be a place of good memories for me. My first year out of the house, my 18th birthday, my first (and only) serious relationship (which resulted in a fabulous marriage of almost 8 years), my first kiss, some great friendships, and of course, many great lessons learned. I would encourage anyone to take at least a year and go study at NBC.

Hopefully later on today, or in a few days, there will be some highlight videos up on youtube. So, until then, this post will remain pretty boring looking :) I totally forgot to take my camera out of my purse (and let's face it, my hands were FULL the whole weekend. I had Emery to lug around everywhere on campus.).


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Lindsey said...

Neat! I have a friend attending Nipawin Bible College right now. :)