Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Places She'll Go

Life is getting more and more interesting everyday.  Emery continues to get herself into crazy places, doesn't understand the word no, and basically just wants to make sure that I never sit for more than 2.2 seconds.  Makes me smile to see the things she tries.  Like this.

Hey mom... need a ride?

I seriously didn't know she was so coordinated.  Now I know :)



Mrs. Stam said...

She is sooo cute! and wow pretty agile too!

Heather said...

Oh my!

Jobina said...

wow, she's an adventurous little thing! She and Sawyer look so much alike it's funny, they could be cousins :o) I love the toothy grin!

Shanilie said...

That is such a fun age. They're so good at making us smile. Fun new trick! She's growing too fast!

Marilyn said...

Awww - what a cutie pie.. Lovely post.. I'm Marilyn visiting from - I love your blog.. Following with smiles.. Hope you can swing by and share in my fun sometime.. :)) toodles..

Jennifer said...

Hello Stacey,
I have been reading your blog for the last few months! I just never have commented! Terrible, I know. Your kids are beautiful! I have enjoyed reading about your family.

Anonymous said...


I'm from Winkler and I bought some cloth diapers from you about a year ago but now I can't find your diaper shop info online. Sorry to contact you here but I have a REALLY pressing 'cloth diaper wash' question.

Stripping. I haven't needed to do this until now and now it's big problem. I have smelly diapers that are giving my babe a horrible rash. What is your laundry and 'stripping' routine for your diapers?


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[Lovely by M] Michelle said...

oh my goodness, i'm just beginning to learn this with my own little girl! they're so cute but so mischievous sometimes!!!
thanks for your comment on my blog about the gussy feature btw.

[Lovely by M] Michelle said...


I just had to comment over here one more time because I don't know if you'll look back at the comments that you made on my blog. Anyway, I responded and gave you a link to an article. I just read it and it is fantastic. I highly recommend it! Here it is again:

Stacey said...

Thanks Michelle :) I'm so glad I found your blog!