Tuesday, March 01, 2011

She {Hearts} It

Many of you know that for the past two and a half years, I have been writing for a blog called Glimpse Reviews.  It is an awesome Canadian resource for all moms out there, and I really enjoyed my time there.  Recently though, I decided that it was consuming too much of my time, and made the choice to say good-bye.

Only weeks later, Drea and I were chatting, and she mentioned that she might need another editor for a brand new website that she was working on.  I told her that I just got too busy with Glimpse, and wasn't looking to replace that with anything.  And then she mentioned that I would only be required to write twice per month...

So, I am now part of a awesome new team of women, working together to make She {Hearts} It an amazing website for women everywhere!  Our official launch is next week, March 7th, and we really really hope that you will all come by and see what we're all about.  After all, without readers, a website cannot thrive!

Make sure to pass the word along, because we will be having some fabulous giveaways!


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Mrs. Stam said...

You are lunching on my BIRTHDAY how cool is that!!!