Friday, April 01, 2011

Daddy Reads

It was so nice to spend some time relaxing this past weekend. We really needed it. Life somehow seems to always get too busy, too crazy, too un-fun. When we get away from our house, things seem to tame down, at least for a while.

We spent a couple days with Keith's family at their house, sitting in the sunshine, walking on the snow (it was so crusty you didn't sink in!), eating yummy food, and watching our kids enjoy Grandma & Grandpa.

Keith is often off doing "manly" things most of the time we're at their house, but he did have time to sit and relax a bit too. He spent a few of those moments reading to the kids. It was lovely :)



Jennifer said...

I love Bria's hat!!

Ellen said...

great pic! Love Bria's expression :) I'm not sure if it's just this picture, but her hair has sure darkened a lot :) I love when the kids get 'dad' time!