Thursday, May 19, 2011

Allergies can make you itch, OOOHHH Allergies...

Sound familiar? Yeah, I wish it didn't. Today I'm fairly miserable. I feel like I'm in a major fog. So tired. My allergies have been keeping me up at night, and making me feel lousy during the day too. Itchy, sniffling, irritated. It's so hard to be positive!

But, it did make me think of a song from my childhood. Fred Penner was always a favorite, and I remember singing this song over and over as a child. I wish I could post all the lyrics, but I can't find them anywhere online! Weird. So here's the chorus. It totally sums up how I feel.

Allergies can make you itch. Oh Allergies.
Allergies can make you twitch. Oh Allergies.
You sneeze and wheeze, sniff and hack.
Go away, and never come back!
Oh, where do they come from, how long will they stay?
Will I always feel this way?

I'll be so happy when farming slows down for a while, and I can breathe properly once more. Between farm dust/smoke and all the pollen and spring "stuff" floating around, I've had enough!



Jennifer said...

That must be a struggle to live with. Praying that your allergies will clear up quickly!

Sheila said...

Sorry to hear about your allergies, unfortunately for farming - it's only just begun. At least another 4-6 more weeks of it. I'm thinking I'll be just as happy as you if not more so once the crops are all in the ground.

Carmelle said...

I have the same allergies - so I can totally relate. I have discovered Reactin/ Claritin don't work well for me. What I have found that works wonders is Advil Cold & Sinus PLUS. I used to take them only when I could feel my allergies bothering me, but now that the 'season' is here, I just take it first thing in the morning every day and it has been sooo much better this year so far. Its a huge relief when something helps! Hopefully you find some relief as well.

Heather's Sinus Infection Remedies said...

Here are the rest of the lyrics for the song Allergies! I had to type them up for my class so I thought I'd pass them on.

I’m allergic to animals, yes it’s true
Cats and dogs, and rabbits too
Even to birds, it’s the feathers of course
And today I found out I’m allergic to horse, I love horses!

Well I’m allergic to food, not all that I eat
Just strawberries and nuts and eggs and grains and meat
And fish and milk make my skin break out
And my body won’t let me eat one brussel sprout, ahhh!

And you know what else? I’m allergic to pollen,
That’s part of a flower,
It floats through the air and in less than an hour
My eyes fill with tears my nose starts to run
Asthma and hayfever aren’t much fun!