Monday, May 30, 2011

Kindergarten Field Trip 2011

Last Wednesday Rowan went on his first ever field trip! All the Kindergarten kids from the morning classes at his school loaded onto the bus at 8:30 am. They headed to a farm about an hour away. I didn't get to go along, cause I had no one to watch the girls for the day, but one of the other moms was super sweet at took a bunch of pictures for me! So thankful for that, cause I almost cried when I realized I wouldn't be able to go along. I mean, it's his first field trip! What mom wouldn't want to experience that with her kids?
On the bus, ready to go!  Can you find Rowan?

Rowan and his buddy Kyle.  Kyle's mom sent me the pictures.

Playing with the sheep... and the girls?  LOL!

Hay Ride!

Enjoying his first ever school lunch!  I probably packed way too much :)

Kids, or cows?

Trying not to squish the chick!



Carole Hiebert said...

How awesome that you still got pics!!! I SO wanted to go, too! Brady had a great time, looks like Rowan did also! I just can't believe that KG is almost done....I'm sad about that....not ready for full days in Grade One....although the kids will love it I'm sure!

Jennifer said...

It looks like he had an awesome time!! I'm sorry that you were not able to go-I would be upset as well. That was really nice of Kyle's Mom to send you pictures!

Evan and Mel said...

I remember my kids first field trips, feels like a huge mile stone. I got a little tear, felt like they were growing up really fast! Hopefully the next one you can go on as well and see first hand.