Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration Workshop - Week 5 Bathrooms!

You may have noticed that I have missed the last three weeks of Gussy's Inspiration Workshop.  I've just been enjoying my guilt free time away from blogging :)

Today though, the prompt is Bathrooms.  When I think of bathrooms, I think of my kids, cause we seem to spend a lot of time in the bathroom together!  That made me think of the bathtub and dirty, grimy, messy kids.  And then I remembered a photo of Bria from 3 years ago (wow, it's been that long!)

So, here's my photo for today.  Doesn't it just inspire you to go scrub your children in the tub, lol!!!



Carmelle said...

Awesome picture!

Lindsey said...

That is probably one of my all time favorite pictures! So adorable. So clear!