Thursday, August 18, 2011

Real Estate Revisited

Yesterday Keith and I picked up my Dad and went for a second look at the brick house.  We were having a really hard time making a decision, so we figured a second look would help.

I'm glad we went.  Even up til we went, I was dreaming about moving there.  Making plans in my head.  It was fun :)  But, of course, reality has to kick in at some point, right?

It  was pretty glaringly obvious to me as we looked at the house, that it was just too much.  Too much renovating.  Too much time.  Too much money.  Every room needs so much attention.  I think it would be worth doing, for someone who doesn't have small children.  But we obviously are at a different place in our lives.

Also, when we factor in how much money it would cost to get it fixed up, we were left with a pretty small offer on the house, and the realtor didn't think it was good enough.  So, that was a pretty firm answer to our questions :)

In some ways I'm totally relieved, because I was thinking about all the effort to be put into that house, and the stress it would cause.  And the fact that we would have been moving to a different school district and be 20 minutes away from the conveniences I'm used to.

Just for your viewing pleasure, here are some of the details on the house.  Most of them need a lot of attention.

Plaster falling off the wall in one of the bedrooms.  The ceiling looked just as bad.

Unfinished attic

Chimney falling apart.

The brickwork around a lot of the windows is falling apart.  But the window is gorgeous :)

Gorgeous peak.

Front of the house, in need of a lot of repair.  There used to be a wrap around verandah here.

The windows are in disrepair as well.

The kitchen is one room that I could probably live with for a while, if I had to.

Bathroom needs a total gut.  The ceiling was falling in too.

The front entrance was pretty awesome, other than the wall paper on the walls!

View from the living room through the dining room into the kitchen.

Floors in really rough shape.  The white patch is actually a newspaper that is stuck to the floor.


sheila said...

Oh my, yea, that house definitely needed to be gutted. Definitely not worth the money. Like I said, my grandma's house just went up for sale, and that house doesn't really need anything, and less money that house in roland was. Oh well, happy house hunting!

Anonymous said...

I can totally see why you'd fall in love with it though! It has so much potential!!!!!!

Stacey said...

Auntie Sheila...
Our "plan" was to wait 3-4 more years before looking for a house. This one just happened to come along, and it was something totally unique. At this point, I think we're back with our original plan to wait.

Gina said...

Fixing up an old place like that was always my dream as well, we once looked and fell in love with a place as well, but when we figured how much money had to be stuck in we realized we were better off to build a new house... houses like that have so much extra stuff that you only find out about as you are working. Hope you guys are able to find your dream house!

Kelly @ In Everything said...

my husband also has a desire to "fix up" a house one day!! the ones that have caught his eye are beautiful... huge entrances, wrap around porches, surrounded by farmland...

and needing TONS of expensive work!

we can paint and even fix some flooring and drywall ourselves... but huge repairs are something that we're not in the "season" for yet either!!

Carmelle said...

I'm glad that you feel relieved/peace after seeing the house again. I can definetly see the potential you saw in it, and also the reality of the work involved!

Jobina said...

gorgeous bones, but I can see that would be A LOT of work. I'm sure you'll find the right place for you in a couple of years. That was sure smart to go take a second look!

Larissa said...

If I had this house, I might leave the paper on the wood floor. It is neat character! Haha! I love this house!

Alicia Olson said...

You know whats funny...I grew up in that house, and never realized how much work needed to be done. I didn't care, it was my home. Now I'm in a different situation and trying to save my home. Check out my campaign. Maybe if you can't justify buying it (I totally get your reasons) seeing it renovated by someone else would be satisfying.