Monday, September 05, 2011

Time to Clean

So after two weeks of first recovering from dental surgery, and then spending a week at my in-laws, I'm ready to clean!  My house has suffered like crazy in the last weeks and it was really starting to show.  Today I whipped out the dusting mitt (Norwex... awesome stuff!), Keith vacuumed, the washing machine got going, and things are slowly shaping up around here.

I'm really hoping to get all my fall cleaning done in the next few weeks.  That's something I haven't really done in the past years.  Just not interested ;)  I'm not much of a neat freak, so I tend to let things slide for way too long.  I tidy the house often, but cleaning... nope, haha.

I also have two yummy loaves of 100% organic whole wheat bread in my oven, and it smells AMAZING in here!

So I hope everyone is enjoying their day off.  It's been perfect weather!!

Just for kicks, here's a fun picture of my girls, since Keith is out with the camera and I can't load anything new.


Jennifer said...

I love Emery's facial expression!

Mom said...

The 'dust' is flying around here too! Rearranging, washing walls and tossing out! Feels good, but may have bitten off a bit of a bigger piece than I/we should have ;) Gotta git busy when busy feels like gitten!

Mom said...

Oh...and cute shoes Em!

Lyss said...

Ah, yes...Emery & her black heels :-) Cute picture!

Micki said...

LOL, I LOVE the high heels and the fan face!!

I'm with you. I tidy, but I'm not a big fan of cleaning :) You can do it!!