Saturday, October 08, 2011

Freezer Revisited

If you will remember back a while, I posted some pics of how I had cleaned my refrigerator. The freezer, on the other hand, was left in a huge disorganized mess!

Some of you suggested that I check out iHeartOrganizing for some ideas, and so I did! Actually, that website was what got me started on cleaning in the first place, but I hadn't looked too closely at her freezer.  Drea had pinned her pantry redo, and I'm hooked on that website now!  I only wish my house could look that good.

After placing an order from the Container Store, I finally got my parcel (had to be picked up at the US/Canada border) and set to work!

So here is the before, in case you forgot the nastiness :)

And the after!!


I think it's a huge improvement. I used these and these.  I'm just a little sad that I can't fit a Tupperware container full of cookies, or a big pail of ice cream in here anymore. But maybe that will help me to avoid eating them too :)

So what do you think? The containers were actually fairly inexpensive, and very good quality. I'm guessing there may be more orders from the Container Store in my future.



Kelly @ In Everything said...

so nice to have something organized! FUn idea of having bins in the freezer.... stuff would really get lost in my freezer though... I have to SEE stuff in order for it to get used;)

Randi S said...

Oh wow, I love that!

Jobina said...

wow, what a transformation! That makes my freezer look like a disaster zone :)