Saturday, November 05, 2011

No More Mullet Baby!

So today was haircut day at the Friesen res. Emery's hair has looked like a wild mullet for a while now, and I figured I could spruce it up a bit.

Crazy mullet baby - front view
Crazy mullet from the back
Now, in no way am I trained to cut hair, but I figure a one year old isn't too picky about how her hair turns out!
She was very excited about the whole experience

So I gave it a whirl, and this is what happened.

I could just squish her up, she's so cute!!
And she still kept the cute little flip in her hair :)
And, of course, Mr. 6 pack abs needed a little trim too, so he got in on the fun.

Wish my abs looked like that :)  Lucky kid!
A successful Saturday morning!
That's my handsome little man



Mrs. Stam said...

Love those hair cut :-) and my habs use to look that that NOT ANY MORE heheh!

Sara said...
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Mom said...

Well...there you go...good job Stacey! I love how happy one little girl can get over a haircut!!
Now, I could sure use one too.

Mom T said...

Sorry...the deleted comment was me...I hadn't done this in a while and was having some technical difficulties..LOL.

Kelly @ In Everything said...

That's amazing she was soo still!!! And it turned out soo cute;)

Mine have hated haircuts from the beginning!! Nate's hair is a curly mess, but I'm soo glad when people make sweet comments about his curly hair.... makes me thankful we don't have to cut it yet!!

Lindsey said...

Awesome job! They look adorable!

Randi S said...

yours turned out better than my own kids' hair did when I tried. LOL I want abs like that too!

Carmelle said...

Great job! [and extra credit for even attempting it!]

Jennifer said...

She is just too precious!!! The one time I attempted to cut Ariana's hair she ended up nearly bald in front....never again will I cut her hair!!

Jobina said...

way to take the plunge and do it yourself! She looks adorable :)