Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day turned Week

So that sick day last week... well it happened to extend. On, and on, and on. Rowan was home all week. This was a common sight:

I think we all held up surprisingly well, for having such a not normal week. Rowan surprised me with how much he knew when we worked on some "school" at home. I printed off some placement tests, just for fun. He's doing really well :)

We went through numerous boxes of tissue, as modeled here by Emery.

Thursday was the hardest day for me. It was supposed to be Rowan's school Christmas program. We had to miss it. This is the second year in a row (of 2 years of school) that he has been sick for his Christmas program. This Mommy didn't handle it all that well.

Keith had an awful week as well. Tuesday night he got pink eye SUPER bad. Like I've never seen someone's eyes get that red before. I felt so bad for him. A few days later he got a terribly sore throat. Thankfully it was all fairly short lived. He's 100% better now.

Saturday the kids had a bit of fun outside.  It's just so odd that we have NO snow this Christmas!  We hardly know what to do with ourselves!

We did enjoy the Christmas program in church on Sunday. Bria shocked us good and proper when she said her part with a smile, and no trouble at all! I thought for sure she'd pout and cry on stage, but I'm so glad she proved me wrong. Of course, posing for a picture was not on her list of things she wanted to do. So this is as good as it got.



Monika Thiessen said...

Your kids are getting so big! Love the look on Bria's face in that last picture.
Hope the kids get better.
Enjoy the Christmas break.

eva said...

That last one is a priceless one of Glad your family is feeling better. Now we just need to get you back to 100%. ;)

Lyss said...

Love all the pictures...but especially that last one. It shows their personalities so perfectly!! Priceless! :-)


Michelle said...

Love the pictures! Splitting my gut laughing at the last one! Sooo funny=) Hope everyone is feeling better for this weekend, cant wait to see everyone!

Carmelle said...

I like that last shot of the kids. It seems to be a real-life picture ;)
And glad to hear everyone is on the mend. That's really too bad your son missed his Christmas program two years in a row!

Sara said...
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Mom/Grandma :) said...

So glad things are on the mend for you guys. Loved the pictures...sorry to say Dad and I both cracked up with these...especially the last one :)

Mom/Grandma :) said...

sorry, that deletion was me...oops!

Warren & Liane Thiessen said...

Oh I love Bria! Such a little character!

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