Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Days at Home

I admit, we don't get out much. Most of our days are spent at home, inside, trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. For those that live in our town, you know there is almost NOTHING to do here in Winter. I'm very thankful that we finally have a parent/child resource center here, but it's just getting started. I know in the past there has been some stuff offered, but at really bad times for people with toddlers (and ironically, it's the programs for toddlers that are at odd times) like 1:00 pm. Prime nap time. Who comes up with these ideas?

I remember as a new Mom, I just about went crazy at home. I got out of the house as much as I could, which wasn't always very convenient with a newborn! I spent a lot of time at my parents' house. Any new Mom can probably relate. You go from getting out of the house whenever you want, working at a job where you actually interact with people every day, to being at home with a newborn, little sleep, and having NO CLUE what to do when the baby cries. And then add another baby 2 years later, and a third a couple years after that. I have been house bound A LOT! I really don't know how other Moms manage to drag their kids all over the place every day. It often makes for grumpy kids around here :) And not enough nap time!

It's definitely gotten a lot easier over the years, and I can say that I am fairly content being home. That does bring with it one small (or big) problem. I have access to my computer all day. I'm ashamed to admit that I have become a slave to the internet, and I know it needs to change. It's been a great outlet for me as a stay at home Mom. I can have my friends at my fingertips, find new information, recipes, and of course, a bunch of useless information. It's not to say that there aren't a ton of benefits to being online, but I have abused this freedom.

Friday I decided to go "cold turkey" and just shut the thing down for the day. It worked! I had a much better attitude about my day, was less discouraged about my life, and I spent more time with my girls. It was so successful that I decided to do it again yesterday. I wasn't quite as strict about it. I was online for about 1/2 hour at lunch, and then again just before Keith got home for supper. I think I'm going to do this regularly. I admit I don't think that I can do it everyday, but a few times per week would already make a HUGE difference.

Being part of a Good Morning Girls Bible Study has been a really great thing for me.  We are just wrapping up our study of 1 John, and will be starting Ephesians in January.  I'm really going to miss it for the next few weeks while we're "off".  I've been very consistent with getting up early enough to do my reading and that's HUGE for me!  I have not been consistent with reading my Bible for YEARS.

Part of Good Morning Girls (a big part really) is having a group of girls that remind each other to do their study.  I started out with a Facebook group of ladies that I didn't know, and it turned out that I was the only one really interested in accountability... what????  Yeah, I left that group fast.  And then I found Candace!  Candace and I have been emailing each other back and forth during the 12 week study.  We haven't done it daily, but I have definitely felt encouraged.  Candace has had a really full plate with her business, homeschooling, and going to meet her precious little daughter in Ethiopia!  It's been really neat to get to know her better over the last 12 weeks.

So here is my question... is there anyone out there who is serious about spending time daily in God's Word?  Who would like to join me in a Good Morning Girls Group this coming January?  I would like to make a Facebook Group, as it seems to lend itself more to conversation.  If you would like to join me (I'm going to keep the group fairly small, so if we have more than maybe 6 or so, I'll encourage you to start a new group), please leave a comment!



Mrs. Stam said...

Stacey, I love this post!

For the past several months I have been cutting down on computer time a lot (some have notice and even email me to know if I was ok, or even still alive hehe!) One of the reason I cut down the computer time was this very convicting post

So with that all said I would love being part of a "good morning group" but am afraid to commit to something on the computer (trying to stay away as much as I can) So maybe I would give it a try and if find that the computer is distracting me from my duties I'll have to take a break from it again.

wow I probably don't make any sense, hehe. The girls are napping, and I think I should be too, my brain is a bit foggy!!!


Jennifer said...

I would love to join, Stacey! Send me more info as you figure things out.

Andrea said...

This is so interesting...right after I read your post, I read this one:

Now I'm really confused! haha. :)

I actually LOVE staying home with my family...and my kids...but I do agree that the computer can sometimes be too much of a pull. Right now the way I deal with it is to limit my time to when the kids are sleeping or during nap time/quiet time. That way it never takes away from my time with them.

Sheila said...

I'm curious what a "good morning girls group" is all about?

Stacey said...

Sheila... if you click on the link to Good Morning Girls, you can read more about it. But basically, it's a Bible Study that you can download and print. You either make your own group, or you can join another online group through the forum they have set up. Then you read the same passages each day, and email each other to encourage each other and share what you are learning. It's called Good Morning Girls because the expectation is that you will get your quiet time in the morning, and then email your group saying "Good Morning Girls!". Obviously you don't have to, but it's fun.

PamJ said...

Would love to join a group like that if you have more room :) Email me!
And shutting the computer (and smart phone) off is something I need to do more often. I sure know that I could get more done, even if it's playing more with the kids!!

melissa said...

Good for you Stacey in being honest about spending too much time on the internet. I think it's a subtle thing that can slip up on us, since the stuff we are looking at isn't bad. Just time consuming. And how we spend our time is one of the ways we worship God.
So good on you to bring up the topic

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