Monday, December 12, 2011

Sick Day

The past few days have had some of the Friesen clan feeling under the weather. Emery's been sick on and off for the past couple of weeks. She seems to catch things easily, especially when she's teething.

Keith has also been feeling less than excellent this past week, though he's still well enough to go to work and everything.  Just kind of achy with a headache, etc.

Yesterday Rowan woke up feeling really lousy.  Awful cough, stuffed up head.  So today he's home from school.  This is the scenery around our living room this morning.  They are watching Sid the Science Kid :)

Bria still thinks it's summer... and who am I to tell her otherwise.  We still have no snow!

I smiled when Emery curled up on the couch for a minute.  She almost never sits still that long!

Rowan is busy at work here... just because he's home doesn't mean he can't do some "school"!
This is what Rowan is working on this morning.



Jobina said...

your kids are adorable even when they're sick :)
Here's hoping that whatever is ailing everyone leaves soon!

Lyss said...

Super cute pictures! Hope everyone's feeling better seoon!!! :-)