Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Gorgeous Outside!

After a seemingly short, mild winter, we are enjoying amazing temperatures this week! 

It's been so very nice to get outside without so much as a sweater! 

Of course, I know it's not going to stay like this forever, 

and we'll have cold temps again, 

but for today, we're going to enjoy it.



Mrs. Stam said...

Same here, it's a gorgeous +16 degrees and we are loving it! We still have plenty of snow on the ground so it's kinda weird playing outside with no coat :-)

Kalle said...

We've had some pretty amazing weather here too. We're doing the same as you - out as much as possible and just loving it.

Lindsey Dueck said...

Love the flip flops and tank top! I am loving this warm weather too. I went for a walk today with shorts and a tshirt and I was glad for the breeze because I was WARM!

Ryan and Carly said...

loving gorgeous weather too :)